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    Mods general discussion

    (Edit by DT: Regarding Dreams of Reality 2) Amazing mod! I... uh... typed as I went on, or sat down and did it next to a blue floppy. I'm not consistent. First thing I did upon entering the mansion was check all the booshelves. It got me somewhere that reminded me of Mario 64, but nothing came...
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    I'm not a cannibal

    I'm not a cannibal
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    128 Endings Mod

    Amazing work on the mod! I have a question about the Dream Blade Quest, though And a few actual-probably-bugs: The sign for the locket doesn't update until you leave and re-enter the start room The Nothing can still be obtained, and uncursed, if you already have one EDIT: New bug, if you get...
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    The Machine Gun Hack

    Hey! Nice mod. One bug that I've found: Balrog's Super Missile chest gives the player endless machine guns. You don't even need to leave the room and come back to get a new gun.
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    Haunted House Story - Reinforced - version 0.7

    I've been lurking around these forums since like, what, 2013? Today is the day I decided to finally make an account, because I really like this mod! No, seriously, it's one of the best mods I've played since Jenka's Nightmare and Critter Tower Defense! It also has a lot of unique things, while...