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    A random Dungeon Master Java video I made

    Well, after a rather long absence (I have to stop doing that... Seriously), I have returned with a run through a FATE dungeon, remade in Dungeon Master Java, but with a source combining twist that throws other creatures from different games into the mix. Instead of trying to upload the video in...
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    When was the last time you played Cave Story?

    Longer than I felt it would've been... For me it's been about a month or two... ...But then I remembered that was on the untranslated version of Cave Story, with the wrong language settings for my computer & while testing out a Shunran MyChar that I made, so the last detail disqualifies that...
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    You're so addicted to Cave story that...

    This one is probably a bit too much off of the main source of focus here, but oh well You're so addicted to Cave story that while playing FATE; the Traitor Soul, You frequently find yourself immitating Undead Core's final attack phase when using the Aurora Shock spell, as shown here.
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    Dreams and/or Cave Story

    And thus Cave Story calls out for it's fans Wow, there must be a case of Cave Story oriented dreams going around lately, but the one I had recently is probably the most loosely related of the recent ones mentioned so far… It all started as I was petting a cat (Not a cat that I knew, though)...
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    Halo Story: V1 (final?)

    Good job with the mod, it was interesting to see how it has (Somewhat loose at first) connections with Halo Wars, especially since I completed that on Legendary about a week ago... But before I start sidetracking, here's a few things that weren't mentioned earlier that might need to be mentioned...
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    My highest record is 258, which can also be found in this thread. Garde has a really nice score posted there, as well.
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    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Here's a Happy Birthday to both MetaSeraphim & Simple!
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    The Happy Birthday Thread

    I need to pay attention to the Calendar page more often... O_O Why did I miss more birthdays? Why? -_- As for which birthdays those are... Aug. 6th- Happy (Though quite late) Birthday to both Giga & GermanSeabass. Aug. 8th- A late Happy Birthday to Bergioyn. Aug. 10th. A Happy Birthday that I...
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    How do I lower the volume of the game?

    At the risk of repeating something that may've already been posted... If you have the speaker icon in your System Tray (In the bottom right corner of the screen), Double-Click it to open the Volume Control window. After it's opened, try moving the slider on the "Wave" bar down. This affects both...
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    Klik & Play games by X2000 Inc. and Asteroids & Aliens productions

    A couple more for variety, along with a demo fix A quick fix- The Assault 3 Demo had an error when selecting the difficulty level (Easy would actually start Medium, Medium would pick Hard, & Hard is still Hard). This has now been fixed in the updated links to A3. Here's a couple more I just...
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    ITT: Your Youtube Account

    This is also listed as my "Homepage", but sure, I'll post it here, anyway As for videos, I might as well share some of the odd things I've found on Eye of the Beholder I & II- NbdQRHJ_xpw7uQJcPLN_lg
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    The Worst Novel That Has Never Ended

    I already reported it when I was on last night... ...But I think my report post button privileges have been ghosted or something, ever since I tried to report yahoormt457 for this post. So much for that reward, huh?
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    The Happy Birthday Thread

    I knew I should've left a post the last time I was on, but still better than never! Here's a (Hopefully not too late) Happy Birthday to Schokobecher!
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    Cave Story: The Multiple Run

    I found the lost episode! I know I'm a bit late with this, but I just so happened to find a full download of CS:TMRE2P1 on my computer. I thought I may as well re-upload it, considering how it was lost. Here's the file- CS-TMR 2 part 1.avi I'm not sure how long this link will last, but the...
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    You're so addicted to the Cave Story Forums that...

    #81: You're so addicted to the Cave Story forums that you've recorded yourself reading posts from the forums out loud & posted the recordings on the forums afterwards (Applies to me). I've done that as well, but with my fleets of ships on Uncharted Waters; New Horizons, instead.
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    Show of your custom characters!

    Once again, I dig up a thread for the very purpose it was created for... I don't have an update for my Umihara Kawase spritesheet I posted over half a year ago, but I do have another new character who may or may not be appearing in a future CS mod- This is (Supposed to be) the Illusionist from...
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    Name suggestions for the Cave Story Wiki

    A Wiki should be called a Wiki, correct? Quoted for truth (Unless a massive voting streak occurs in the next half a day or so, but that's highly unlikely). By the by, all of my votes (Yes, I couldn't settle with one) all ended in "wiki".
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    Hardest Bosses?

    When I 1st played Cave Story, I had some trouble with Toroko+, as well. Sitting in mostly one place while shooting the Fireball wasn't the best strategy I could've used, especially when the blocks deal -10 per hit. Monster X definitely took the cake when it comes to the boss that I really got...
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    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Yes, I'm late, but I figured I might as well give more time for people to post. I appreciate it, it's great to know there are plenty others (Besides family, of course) who care, especially when whatever intangible force that hates me decides to throw one problem after another at me in close...
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    Mod Concepts

    My post is long, so The 8 Superior CS mod won't be mentioned, but there's still... The Forgotten Game; Revival A mod that's based off of my old irrecoverable Klik & Play game (Dubbed TFG; Beta), which itself was based off of Dragon Hero (Now dubbed TFG; Gamma), which had some rather lazy level...
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    Spoiler and Hide.

    I'm liking the new Spoiler/Hide option, but I've also grown accustomed to the red sheets that were present before. I'm voting for, yep, you guessed it... NUM-BER TWO! NUM-BER TWO! NUM-BER TWO! NUM-BER TWO! NUM-BER TWO! NUM-BER TWO! NUM-BER TWO! NUM-BER TWO![/ChantingalongwithAndwhyisit&Lowell]
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    I have, twice. The 1st time was after I edited the credits part in Kashungo! for the ReD-D3v1L incident video. The 2nd time it happened was when I look at some of the signs in Mimiga Village on the mod called Cave Story; Strange Prophecy. The error message seems major (It shocked me the 1st time...
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    Cave story anime mod?

    Well, I did see one called Haruhi Monogatari on YouTube, but I'm not sure if a download link to that ever existed... 5Fhdky6kuJs I think you're thinking about jcys810's Kurosaki Ichiquote sprites from the CS Fanart thread (It was on the very 1st post, but now the image has been moved/deleted...
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    Deaths in games that make you feel stupid.

    A couple from Shadowgate, with a dash of Dungeon Magic For Shadowgate- The first death that seemed so self-degrading was when I tried punching (Hitting) the green slime from the coffin after I tried using all of the weapons & even the sphere on it. It should've died from the sphere, since the...
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    Just dreaming...

    I guess it's better than bumping the year old thread the current topic is on, but... Speaking of Agora's Legends, I've been meaning to upload a ZIP I have of it, if that's alright with everyone. I'm not sure if it's the most recent version posted on the forums, either (I downloaded it on Jan...