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  1. BLink

    Mimiga's Adventure: Elements' Awakening (DEMO v1.1.0.1!)

    Even though I haven't gone out of my way to play any CS mods since mid-late 2019 I saw this mod, and it instantly popped out to me. I saw the screenshots, mainly the map, and said "yeah, this mod has 100% effort put into it, I have to play this. So I must say, first of all I love the flair in...
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    10 years

    Hey polar. It looks like everyone is holding their breath (I see Enlight and Bray lurking pretty closely especially), so let's rip the band-aid off. The answer I have isn't all that eventful really. It's a straight and simple "no". I think a lot of my weird opinions came from a lot of fence...
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    10 years

    Hey thanks Bio. I've done some lurking on the xyspoon twitter, and it's looking pretty good so far. You know game dev takes a lot of time, and real life eats up as much as it can. You also have the best! Oh hey it's the other Link. You're welcome, I always wanted to leave the community a...
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    10 years

    I'm pretty sure that it's just an address, or variable conflict. iirc <VAR takes up some free ram, and <BUY takes up the same ram. idk it's been like 5 years since I last touched it, but it's a simple address change, I'm sure if you poke around with it for a short while it will revel itself to...
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    10 years

    To quote myself in my open source mods thread. "I AM HERE TO HELP ALL THE PEOPLE!" I plan to drop in every once in a while, I have for the last 3 or 4 years and I don't really see that changing. I should eventually check out some more mods that have come out though. I haven't been keeping up on...
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    10 years

    You know, about a year ago, I was like. "It would be funny to go back and finish Sue's story and release it on the 10th" but I played it, and realized that I am now a completely different person, I am no longer the person who could make Sue's story anything like the original version that I had...
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    10 years

    I've been planning for some time, to make this post. I started thinking about it about 2 years ago, and was hoping that I would remember that it exists. Thankfully I have, so here we are. I don't spend a lot of time lurking or posting anymore, (work, gamedev, just moving on in general) but the...
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    BLink's ULTIMATE resource guide to modding (freeware) Cave Story 2023 edition

    Thread has been updated for the exciting new year of 2023. I added a section of CSE2 vs Freeware because that wasn't well explained, and I cleaned up some other things. I tested most of the links to see if they still worked, but if you catch anything off just let me know and I'll update...
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    make A MOVE

    make A MOVE
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    Technically CRTs (at 60fps) do have 8.3 ms delay at the center, and 16.6 ms delay at the bottom...

    Technically CRTs (at 60fps) do have 8.3 ms delay at the center, and 16.6 ms delay at the bottom of the screen. It has to run in such a way that displaying from top to bottom, it syncs up to the frame rate and is ready to display the next frame as the first one is done rendering. Also I have 23...
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    *microsoft lobbies to ban end to end encryption in the USA like a boss*

    *microsoft lobbies to ban end to end encryption in the USA like a boss*
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    Doukutsu Randamu (1.41.0)

    You're welcome. Edit: Also, sometime between then and now, "Bombchu Link" became "CSMC members" so I truly have been erased from the discord's history :P
  13. Quote and Curly - uselesscalcium

    Quote and Curly - uselesscalcium

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    Comment by 'BLink' in media 'curly brace'

  15. BLink

    I should do that to Sue's Story.

    I should do that to Sue's Story.
  16. "rabbit people"  - nightmargin

    "rabbit people" - nightmargin

  17. "pulse" - nightmargin

    "pulse" - nightmargin

  18. "Curly and Company" - rottel

    "Curly and Company" - rottel

  19. "CurlyBrace" - saequrly

    "CurlyBrace" - saequrly

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  21. approach - uselesscalcuim

    approach - uselesscalcuim

  22. doctor - raymundo

    doctor - raymundo

    By Raymundo
  23. QuoteCurly - uselesscalcium

    QuoteCurly - uselesscalcium

  24. Post-Oekaki Wallpaper Edits

    Post-Oekaki Wallpaper Edits

    More wallpaper edits as I find cool CS fanart (credit given where possible!)
  25. Misery and Curly - uselesscalcium

    Misery and Curly - uselesscalcium