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  1. poltergust4k

    What happened in your FIRST hell run ?

    This was my second run of the game, and I had heard somewhere that there was a true ending (somewhere on Youtube, though I forget where) and so I dedicated the day to abandoning a dying old man, going from leaving Curly to die to actually dragging her through hell, and, well Hell. The first room...
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    Is Cave Story + (Switch) worth it for someone who already has Cave Story + (PC/Steam)?

    It seems as though Cave Story's release on the switch has brought in some new features, such as new soundtracks and levels, but I wanna know whether $30 is worth buying the game when I already have the freeware version and the steam version.
  3. poltergust4k

    Gamepad not working

    Turns out the problem was VJoy. I had to uninstall it because my Cave Story was connected to that instead of any other controller I'd use. That's all. Only took 2 months to find out.
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    Comment by 'poltergust4k' in media 'Youtube 500 Internal Server Error'

    highly trained monkeys... well to be fair they wouldn't be much worse than the actual team that youtube has
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    Comment by 'poltergust4k' in media 'Clash of Kings'

    *fist bump intensifies*
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    Gamepad not working

    No I'll try that, thanks.
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    Gamepad not working

    I have attempted this; it is detecting the controller, but the game, nonetheless, is still not letting me use a gamepad. Btw, I am attempting this with both an x360 controller and a wii u pro controller.
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    Gamepad not working

    Alright, so I have played this game in the past, and I have gone all the way through it with a usb xbox360 controller. Today, I have attempted to play this game that same controller, but for whatever reason, it will not work. I have checked and unchecked the box, I have fiddled with the config...