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  1. AlmaHexie

    Curly's Weird Crusade

    The awakening to a stranger's adventure... kind of.. ============================================================== //What is Curly's Weird Crusade? Curly Weird Crusade is a mod that is a self parody of Cave Story fangames and Fanfictions in general beholding a truly pacifist message towards...
  2. AlmaHexie

    How to change sound effect

    More precisely the text sound...
  3. AlmaHexie


    I won’t lie, I was one of the guy that was kinda hyped for nesmaker. Just the thought of making a game for the nes without "coding"was pretty intriguing. The only problem I see now is that its 36 $ and that make me wonder. Does the backers have to repay it or did they get their activation code...
  4. AlmaHexie

    The Super Fun Cave Story Party

    Take you’re drink here. We have some: Pepsi:1.0$ Coca cola:0.50$ Fanta:1.0 7 up:2.0 Orangina:2.0$ Boga:1.5$ Water:0$
  5. AlmaHexie

    Why does Resource Hacker can't change/identify org anymore ?

    Alright so, since a few month ago, I never had any problem with resource hacker before. It always work, whatever the job was to do but since 1 week, it decided that Org file are .bin file I don't know why it decided to do that but I also noticed that some stuff have changed too or just that...
  6. AlmaHexie

    What do you think of Megaman 11

    Me, i feel like it shouldn't be Classic Megaman to get the opportunity. I feel like it should have been X or another Megaman type game. Other then that It was meh, the new robot master are fine even if I feel like there not so much originality,(Torch man...Ok why not.) And the music is pretty...
  7. AlmaHexie

    Did you ever started a mod before forgetting and never touching it again ?

    Yesterday, while going through file and old stuff that I maked, I noticed an old mod that I think I started in early Summer before never touching it again. Thinks the point of the mod was to make a sort of action mod in dreams and in life doing pretty much nothing. It Was located just on my...
  8. AlmaHexie

    What your favorite game that pixel made ?

    and no CAVE STORY,please -_-'
  9. AlmaHexie

    Curly Story~Reimagined

    Hello,I got trolled But I assume it Alot of curly story exist But I wanted To give mah try And it was also a 1 week challenges Contain 4th ending, Had the new ost but switched to normal Widescreen and stuff by clownacy The game:
  10. AlmaHexie

    What was the Story of Cave Story Beta

    I saw the Gameplay at the game conv with the traduction and I asked''What was the story of Cave story Beta'' I thinks the story is that the mimiga,farmer of flowers. Are being kidnapped and givin to eat at Poo Restaurant The robot named Curly Brace would have been originaly created by a old...
  11. AlmaHexie

    it is possible to change the localisation of the life bar,weapon or even create new and how ?

    i looked at the beta picture of cave story and I tried to remake the heart bar.After i failed,I ask myself if we can change the hud weapons reinstore money and all that good stuff.Maybe with the original program that pixel use but that would be a lot search so I dunno,idea ?
  12. AlmaHexie

    Glitches that shouldn't happens

    I got a glitches with my mod in a room,Everytime the player enter the room,it's just loop the fades effect and go in every room I tried the <END command but still there and so I change the Event of the door so it's wrong but it change do the same thing but with this room
  13. AlmaHexie

    Is the DSI Port of Cave Story lost forever ?

    Maybe with homebrew stuff,you can,buuuuuuuut im not sure
  14. AlmaHexie

    How do we make new tileset ?

    How the fuck do we do that ?There no tutorial soooo...How