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    So hi I'm back.

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    Cave Story Card Game - I need your help!

    Not a web app, but Magic Set Editor is quite useful for making cards, even if for fun. It can make cards in the form of MTG, VS, And Yugioh. Even if this isn't used just try around, it is quite fun to make cards :)
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    So, How did YOU find out about Cave Story?

    Found in 2008, forgot about for 5 years, came back in 2013. I've been making mods for myself to play since :)
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    Cave Story Card Game - I need your help!

    Kind of sounds like Magic: The Gathering. First off it needs tapping, and untapping phases. When a creature attacks, it taps. If a creature blocks, it can't tap. You can't use tappable abilities while the creature is tapped.
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    PIXEL ANSWERS: "Why did the Egg Corridor explode?"

    With the core 'janked' up, the island started shaking. Remember that? (EDIT) Perhaps I wasn't helpful enough. It probably started an earthquake which made the egg corridor look like that.
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    What the heck is Balrog?

    As was said, he thwarted off the doctor and sealed the red demon. That took his life.
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    Help getting a save point before fighting ballos?

    Dear Bloodfire, Post again once you have learned how to correctly use forums. Cave Story forums are for details, and we like good grammar. Try it. From, This guy. (EDIT) While you're at it, let me give this a try. 'There is no need...
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    Malco('s) Story Demo 1 - FEATURING: STUFF

    Seems like this is a bump, too. 10/10 Spawned a Booster 2.0 and played the main storyline.
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    Cave Story EN (English No-Install)

    Im just posting this for the people in guest mode or on alternate accounts or possibly...[School..] Computers.
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    Cave Story EN (English No-Install)

    If Youre On A Computer Where You Arent Admin, The Cave Story Installer Wont Work. I Made This File To Download If You Cant Install. /\_=http://www.mediafire...60itb9rfpgx82ii=_/\ Enjoy Playing English With No Admin! :orangebell: If youre computer has no winrar to extract...
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    Jenka's Nightmare Revived - Final release

    i dont appreciate your comment on my mod
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    Cave Story The (Deleted) hell run.

    Thanks, ill reupload with some Edits.
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    Cave Story The (Deleted) hell run.

    I'm just gonna say, the post that was here is not good. Please ignore and go download a profile.dat please.
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    Quickie Guide to the Mods Section (update 7/04/14)

    Name: Cave Story Hell Run Creator: Kolekelley2 Type: Untimed, Edited To Spawn At (Blcny2), Partial Edits Status: Active Features: Battle Hell Any Time Blurb:A Simple Game Where You Go Through Hell Link: