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    The PewDiePie Thread

    I've only seen his playthrough of "To the Moon" and perhaps a little of "Ib". ....and some auto-playing of "Happy Wheels" that has to have high-pitched screaming while my volume levels are high.
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    If there were an AFK man, he would probably be me.

    If there were an AFK man, he would probably be me.
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    So, How did YOU find out about Cave Story?

    I.. don't remember... really.... Was I just looking for indie games in general? Perhaps when digg wasn't a ghost town I found it there? All I know is that I found it mentioned somewhere on some social site. And then I am here. The path in between is blurry in my mind...
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    It's quite simple really. The simplicity of it all is deception.

    It's quite simple really. The simplicity of it all is deception.
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    Using hypercam on CS+?

    I suggest you use VirtualDub for compressing those fraps videos. It still does require an encoder like Xvid since it can't do compressing without one. (EDIT: just noticed there is a sketchy website that popped up out of nowhere, first result in a google search for virtualdub. Do not get...
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    New Song (Need Feedback)

    Honestly it's tough for me to listen to. Hearing that vocals is the driving force behind this song, you can totally feel the powerful vibes (even if I couldn't understand it; translation helps). The lyrics fit it I belive. Distortion is heavy and lends to the piece well. It is quite a dark and...
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    Lets play Cave Story+!

    Interested as well. I always find other lp's useful in that they show me the do's and don't do's of doing an lp.
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    Post videos that make you laugh! Bahaha

    [/spoiler] EDIT: also, zangief kid. W_KL1mSq1qQ
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    Castle Story (Not in any way shape or form related to Cave Story)

    Castle Story| Sauropod Studio homepage This game is an interesting one (developed by two guys I hear), yet it actually hasn't been released yet, nor has it reached completion. This video should be explanatory enough. (seen also on their website) NwZdXRPeYrc It certainly is similar to...
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    WTF story demo v 0.504

    Yes it was a shameless bump... That puzzle was pretty tricky. If the aspect of drowning wasn't bad enough, reduced jumping ability and order of hitting switches sure do trip you up easily. ... Must.. resist... urge... to post lp....
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    WTF story demo v 0.504

    Good god, the roller coaster minigame in the carnival is kicking my ass. (Would be nice if the hide tag didn't take up a whole new line in the post...) Loads of butt hurt right, though having just played after a somewhat long hiatus, I guess my break is somewhat to blame.
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    17 is up!

    17 is up!
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    Who are you?

    I am afk. Almost all the time.
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    Sturmfaust II (Need Artists)

    I can test for windows 7 if needed.
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    40% port of Cave Story in HTML5

    Using my main system, this game runs much faster than Cave Story normally runs on it, so I had trouble not running into spikes and enemies from the start, lol. Like those who spoke before me, I too believe your skills with html5 have great potential for an original game. Amazing job!
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    Team Fortress 2 Cave Story Pack

    This. Is. Win. I applaud you good sir. Looking forward to seeing the rocket in action. :hoppy:
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    Har De Har
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    Community Minecraft Server!

    Re: Community Minecraft Server! Thanks to whoever left a map for me in my house.
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    Growing up, Kirby's Dreamland 3 (Freaking eyeball bosses...), Kirby Super Star, and Crystal Shards (Compulsively got all crystals in that one...) was pretty fun. Was somewhat challenging. Nowadays the games are just too easy.
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    Doodle or Die

  21. BurnedKirby

    Notable Moments in IRC

    *BurnedKirby facepalms*
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    The NEW post your picture thread

    Ahahaha.... Yeah that's true. But I don't smoke. My lungs are already terrible from when I used to live in a constantly polluted area in California.
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    The NEW post your picture thread

    This is currently my Skype avatar.
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    Wow, amazing

    I didn't know that. Huh. Clever.
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    Goodbye MG

    Well its been fun guys. Cheers. *clinks glass with the others 'round the table*