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  1. CommanderJersey

    Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Aight so what are your top picks for newcomers? I'm going to put my votes in for Bandana Waddle Dee and Karate Joe (or any Rhythm Heaven character) At first I was kind or worried that since this smash wouldn't have many newcomers that every new reveal would have to be a super hyped or popular...
  2. CommanderJersey

    Ask JERSE anything

    I'm pretty sure that this is what the cool kids are doing these days
  3. CommanderJersey

    MaKey MaKey

    ?v=rfQqh7iCcOU Pretty much you can make anything that conducts electricity into a controller. It's a Kickstarter project, and there are only 10 days left, so hurry up Also, there's a contest on the forums to get a MaKey MaKey free before the usual shipping...
  4. CommanderJersey

    Story of Sonic

    Story of Sonic (Because Sonics Story was already taken) An adaptation of JetHawk95s "Sonics Story" Version 0.05 My basic plan: Take some levels from old Sonic games. Each zone will have 2 acts: one will be from the original game, and one a map of my own creation. A few questions that I need...
  5. CommanderJersey

    Pokemon Black and White 2

    Hey look over here Honestly, I was pretty suprised, for a few reasons: 1. The game is a direct sequel to a Pokemon game 2. It was not on 3DS
  6. CommanderJersey

    Cave Story: Bad Ending

    Cave Story BE V01.1 -No story yet, but nearly 2 full maps! -Ends after Mountian Side, but feel free to explore the new area. OP Yep. A CS mod that takes place after the bad ending. It starts out with you and Kazuma on your mountian-top home. Life has become very peaceful since you left the...
  7. CommanderJersey

    Your First Mod

    Share about your first mod. Mine was basicly the entire first cave being flooded. After that, I decided to flood Mimiga village and surrounding areas. I wanted to so the same for the egg corrider, but I realized that there weren't any water tiles. So I filled it with spikes. When I went to...
  8. CommanderJersey

    Pants Vs. Shorts

    I perfer shorts. They let your legs breath and it is easier to relax in them. I'm interested to know which one people like better.
  9. CommanderJersey

    The Island's Name?

    I think it is called... Antargia.
  10. CommanderJersey

    Mario Kills Tanooki I lol'ed (But don't worry, it's been confirmed as a joke.)
  11. CommanderJersey

    Cave Story 3D Review! I think this is a pretty good review, defiantly wants to makes me want the game more. But I don't like the fact that the reviewer doesn't say anything about new content.
  12. CommanderJersey

    Cave Story 8-bit

    Demo V.1: OP:
  13. CommanderJersey

    Zelda Story

    I've finally started to work on a mod. It's going to have mixed storylines of ALTTP, OOT and MM. I'm also editing some of the weapons to look like items from from the series. So... what do you think?
  14. CommanderJersey

    Steve Jobs died... I heard about it from one of my friends, he started texting me that he was going to start crying... but personally I don't miss him. :) I'm more of a Windows person.
  15. CommanderJersey

    How Many Games By Pixel Have You Played?

    I only played Ikachan, but I know I should try more of them.
  16. CommanderJersey

    Will you get Cave Story 3D?

    I will.
  17. CommanderJersey

    Favorite Zelda Game

    I personally like Majora's Mask best.
  18. CommanderJersey

    Cave Story 4-Bit

    What this basicly is is the CS graphics and music being made if it was running on a 4-bit console. But there will be no space limitations like if it were acually on a 4-bit console.
  19. CommanderJersey

    Ikachan Modding?

    I think this belongs here, tell me if I'm wrong. Is it possible to make mods of Ikachan? I think the game would work well for mods, and I'm wondering if there is any way to mod it.
  20. CommanderJersey

    Cave Story: 1000 Years Later

    What would happed if you took the entire timeline of CS and moved it foreward 1000 years? What this means is that the island has had some changes to it (geography wise). For example: The Waterway and Resivoir have started to flood so Mimiga Village and First Cave have now been filled with...
  21. CommanderJersey

    How did Balrog get involved with everything?

    In all of the the Cave Story history I've heard, I don't recall hearing Balrog in any of them. When and how do you think he got involved with the Demon Crown and such?
  22. CommanderJersey

    Cave Story 3D New Game Modes

    Do you have any ideas for some of them? I think what they could do is make a time attack mode where you try and run through an area as fast as possible and at the end get a timed score (think hell speedrun but for every stage). Or you could just have a time attack mode for the game as a whole.
  23. CommanderJersey

    Cave Story 3D Music Previews I personally think that these sound pretty good. What do you think?