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    Show us your desktop

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    Friday Night Funkin'

    I heard about it on newgrounds. It was unavoidable when it was first released in November last year. It was frontpaged on the games section and at the top right next to the site news. The wall art and color scheme of the site also changed to match the game. This screenshot was from the site...
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    The sickeningly cheerful say hello, introduce yourself; now where's my cookie? topic.

    I'm here, and that's kinda it. I might visit this place every few months. Cave Story's not my favorite game, but I still find it fun and Pixel is a big inspiration for me. I've made games before, and learning that Cave Story was made mainly by one guy was the reason why I got started with that...
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    Friday Night Funkin'

    The modded game was basically just an April Fool's joke, and the description of it says it's an alternate timeline:
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    Friday Night Funkin'

    From what I've seen, FNF's a pretty basic rhythm game that gets praised for its art and music rather than gameplay. That's not a bad thing, but it's probably why I'm not into it.
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    Easter egg in map

    It's easier to get the alien medal than to understand the hint before knowing about the medal beforehand
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    Last Cave (Unhidden)

    I've seen vids of it but I've never actually played through it. I had the booster 0.8 on my first playthrough, but I never finished it, and then probably looked up a walkthrough and got 2.0 on my first finished playthrough.
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    Not important, but what is everybody's favourite cs colour palette?

    I'm gonna go with grasstown too, not just because of the blues & greens, but also because quote's red is complementary, and makes him stick out.
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    Was there anything that was universally liked in Cave Story 3D?

    Never played it, but I think the prinny cap and nemesis challenge being added to the main game was neat.
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    favourite track?

    My top 5 are: Geothermal Living Waterway Balcony Last Cave Running Hell I like Moonsong but for some reason I wouldn't consider it to be one of my favorites. Maybe i've just listened to it too much and become tired of it.
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    Where was Cave Story first released?

    Woah, this is awesome! Thanks for both responding, guys. I feel like everyone who uses the forums here have probably already seen most of this, but here's a list of the stuff I found that I thought was interesting anyways: An Ikachan download from 2001, the download doesn't work but there's a...
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    What has been peoples experiences with co op?

    I played with my friend around 2 years ago on a bus during a field trip and it was fun. We started at the beginning and got to Monster-X before stopping. He kept dying over and over again at the part of the labyrinth with the vertically moving blocks and it was a disaster, but in a funny way...
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    Where was Cave Story first released?

    I'm curious as to what site Cave Story was first released on. The only sites I know of where you can download the game currently are the tribute site and Pixel's site I went on the Wayback Machine and looked up but the earliest snapshot is from 2011, so I'm...
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