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  1. ShinigamiMachine

    Cave Story+ won't launch (Linux)

    So I downloaded Cave Story+ thru Steam on my new Linux install the other day, and it ran perfectly. After I quit the game, I went to play it again later, but the game won't launch. Steam says its starting the game, then acts as if I just closed it (it says syncing and stuff). I have not changed...
  2. ShinigamiMachine

    New Moonsong Piano Arrangement (with Sheet!)

    Hey there guys, I have always liked Moonsong and its numerous piano renditions; however, I also really like the beta version of Moonsong, so I wanted to make a new arrangement that included elements from that version. Without further ado, here's a Synthesia video of it: And here's the sheet...
  3. ShinigamiMachine

    Programming General

    Hey there! I know there are quite a few programmers here, so I thought we could make a thread to discuss such matters! Talk about your new non-game programs, ask questions, whatever as long as it's programming related! I'll kick things off with 2 things: 1. My image glitching program "Glitch...
  4. ShinigamiMachine

    Let's make a mod!

    Okay guys, Kero Blaster is freaking awesome, and yet it seems that nobody really cares. We need to start developing ideas for mods, our better programmers could try and make our KB tools better, and with just a little elbow grease, we could get an awesome modding community for this game! All it...
  5. ShinigamiMachine

    NSFW Story Zero (UPDATE)

    Surprise! The prequel to the beloved mod: NSFW Story! I kinda botched the real timeline, so here's how events played out in NSFW Story Land: An update: I am now working on NSFW Story: Definitive Edition. It is going to contain all scenes in one game as well a numerous new ones. Expect this...
  6. ShinigamiMachine

    NSFW Story 2

    That's right, a sequel to the greatest mod of all time has been completed! I have some top notch sprite animations in this.
  7. ShinigamiMachine

    NSFW Story (yes, for real)

    This is my magnum opus.
  8. ShinigamiMachine

    Simple Idea: Add CS3D locations!

    Title says it all! It would be cool to make a mod that adds the Cave Story 3D locations (Inner Wall, Falling Tower, Egg Corridor Detour, maybe more?) to the game. Possibly even add the new life capsules, but I'd prefer just the locations + Prinny Cap. I would go ahead and do this myself, but: 1...
  9. ShinigamiMachine

    Any way to convert ORG to WAV?

    I know that there's a ORG to PTCOP program and that you can go ORG->PTCOP->WAV, but when I play the song I made in pxtone, it sounds weird, mist songs I do this with sound fine, but this new one I made just sounds low quality when there are 4 notes at the same time, Is there any other way to go...
  10. ShinigamiMachine

    What are the best mods?

    What Cave Story mods would you recommend? Preferably completed ones.
  11. ShinigamiMachine

    Ikachan on PSP?

    Is there any way to port Ikachan to PSP? It's folder structure / file system seems like it would be easier to port.
  12. ShinigamiMachine

    PiyoPiyo Tutorial?

    Hey guys! I was wondering if theres a tutorial for PiyoPiyo anywhere. Ive looked for one, but cant seem to find one.