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    Avatar Updating

    rest assured cultr i can see you proudly proclaiming that you go to a premiere furry porn web site wait since i know what it is that proves i go there too doesn't it curses.......................................................................................................
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    do you have to phrase it like that

    do you have to phrase it like that
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    where all da fun go

    HI yakkers, argyle bear was supposed to tell you that you have me blocked apparently and forgot since he was saying you seemed to want to talk to me again and I actually had tried to add you again but you had me blocked!!! but you HAVEN'T BEEN ON STEAM for him to DO so and it's been like a WEEK...
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    where all da fun go

    and why can't i make the forum black like my soul like the old forums...........................................
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    no rarity i'm not going to marry you and have a marshmallow pony family and frollick in the...

    no rarity i'm not going to marry you and have a marshmallow pony family and frollick in the rainbows no matter how much you beg
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    no one ever posted here again

    no one ever posted here again
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    YOUR opinion

    im 25 and don't have a life at all and never have you're actually doing something with your life, so you should feel absolutely no shame in doing anything with your spare time that you enjoy. you have no reason to leave i, on the other hand, shouldn't even be taking these once-a-month...
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    The NEW post your picture thread

    is it bad that: the way most internet people look like irl pisses me off even if i like them, woodenrat pisses me off usually with his posts, but the way he looks irl is so normal and calm i can't be mad at him now also /me tips capt fab over and he shatters into 1 million pieces
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    ^, *, V!

    ^is a pony irl ive seen him *posts for p much the first time in months just to keep reviving this thread no one likes v is probably the one person who likes it
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    you're bad, not wicked rad

    you're bad, not wicked rad
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    why do i still sometimes check this for comments ughhhhhh

    why do i still sometimes check this for comments ughhhhhh
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    The Second Annual Kanpachis

    im gay
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    No fap 2012.

    can you believe one of my new year's resolutions was only to do this in emergencies so i feel a little less like a generic no-lifer
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    It is so good to feel loved :)))

    i heard you talking about clanmates and sweden and i got this image in my head of some buff-ass nordic viking with a wolf pelt hooded cloak leaping down from snowy crags to deliver your mouse to you personally
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    Who here is a brony?

    2012 and ponies are still the best jk one piece is the best, ponies a distant second (edit: but i'll always love ponies forever and ever even when i'm 60 and the last pony fan on earth.............)
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    attn: captain fabulous i believe you have a doppleganger you must now defeat it in a gentleman's duel
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    Merry Christmas :D

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    I started going to the gym.

    some day i hope to be as ripped as super mario
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    Who here is a brony?

    A new cartoon of it came out a year ago that is actually a really good cartoon and notable in various ways, such as being a shining example of how to do Flash animation right and being the 'spiritual successor' in a sort of way to classics like Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home which are very...
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    Which Elements of Harmony fit you best?

    i /would like/ to be laughter and kindness more than anything, but atm i'm more like the elements of low self-esteem and anxiety my weary pony
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    Who here is a brony?

    Actually most people on the internet will actually dislike the show because of the community. Actually, many 'fans' of the show have stopped watching it because of the community. You can't blame people for kinda feeling like how cultr feels though you're correct in telling him he shouldn't...
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    Cave Story TAS

    haha awesome and i've been hanging out on so much lately chad, did you ever even finish that one you were working on? you were being so pixel-perfect about it, it seemed like it was gonna be amazing but i guess that's kinda the breaks when doing tas stuff, you'll work your ass...