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  1. Infinityβ

    Dankutsu (Nerdieo stream submission)

    Tonight, I have released Dankutsu on Doukutsu Club. Dankutsu is something I've been working on for the past couple of weeks, and now I can show it off. It has been submitted to Nerdieo's mod showcase, and will played in his live stream. I may continue to update it, and I've already updated it...
  2. Infinityβ

    Project Ampersand

    Today, I will be releasing a public test build of Project Ampersand. This isn't really an official demo. This build is short, and I decided to release this because I've felt very pressured to release something, so sorry if this release feels rushed. A proper demo will hopefully be released in a...
  3. Infinityβ

    I found another bug in Cave Story+ (Nintendo Switch Version)

    Has anyone else encountered this bug? I was in Hidden Last Cave, and when one of those pillars were supposed to kill me, I didn't die, and I was stuck in one of them. Considering they still haven't fixed the issue where the game crashes when you try doing a challenge, that just tells me that...
  4. Infinityβ

    I’m getting an error while trying to do the challenges in Cave Story+ on Nintendo Switch

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
  5. Infinityβ

    Midi's that came with all the Cave Story org viewers

    If you downloaded All the org viewers from here:, You've probably been wondering about the midi's that are packaged with them. First we have Suiro[ùGé+éóÉàÿH].mid This midi didn't sound like a familiar tune like the other two. I watched the tokyo...
  6. Infinityβ

    Why does it seem like cave story is very obscure?

    Cave story is the game that started the trend of indie gaming so why is cave story not getting that much attention these days?, a lot of people around my age have never even heard of cave story!
  7. Infinityβ

    Balrog On Crack

    I have created a new meme it's called Balrog On Crack I challenge you all to make an edited version of the video here is some credit: The gif was taken from a video by Jesscapade called My First 10 Minutes in Org Maker
  8. Infinityβ

    Cave Story Beta Drum PXT files

    I have been trying to make a mod of cave story that has the beta drums in it people say that you can just open doukutsu.exe and find all the drums in the wave folder but when you actually look in there the only file that's in the wave folder is wave100.dat the drums are in the pxt format. So...
  9. Infinityβ

    Cave Story The Way Back Home Beta Version?!

    One day I found this video uploaded by tilderain that is this compilation of organya music and one of the songs was interesting at 9:39 a song called starts playing in the background it sounds similar to The way back home. Please tell me where I can download this org.
  10. Infinityβ

    Guess the soundfont

    In this thread you can upload wav's and drums from Piyo Piyo Orgmaker and Pxtone and the other users guess which one it's from. -You can also distort the audio so it will be harder for the user to guess. -Beta org drums also count.
  11. Infinityβ

    Extra Life Plays Cave Story

    I have started a new "Let's Play" series where I will playthrough the whole game. If you like let's plays with commentary then you're in luck! Here is episode 1. Here is episode 2
  12. Infinityβ

    What do you think should happen when it's the 20th anniversary of Cave Story

    In 6 years it will be the 20th anniversary of Cave Story. What do you think pixel should do on the 20th anniversary? What do you think nicalis should do on the 20th anniversary? It would be 2024 by then. 20th anniversary date:12/20/2024.
  13. Infinityβ

    Cave Story The New Story ( One of my old mods I regret making)

    I have been working on a cave story mod called cave story the new story. it's my own fan made sequel. The story goes like this. A seemed like a normal morning until mushrooms start invading the thicket nobody knows how this happend a dark and mysterious creature that looks similar to balrog...
  14. Infinityβ

    Balrog's long lost brother a cave story fan fiction

    Here is my fan fiction so far. I decided to re-write it. One day Balrog was in a shack just minding his own business then suddenly he heard a loud crashing noise then Puu broke through the wall and yelled Yahoo! Balrog was startled Balrog:AAAH! Puu:Um... do I know you?, you look very familiar...
  15. Infinityβ

    Is pixel gonna make a sequel to cave story?

    I think pixel might make cave story 2. if pixel is gonna make a sequel this is what it should be like. they should introduce puu as a long lost brother of balrog (even though puu black is a boss in cave story but they never give a story) pixel could maybe even bring back Oscar from the beta. Do...
  16. Infinityβ

    Boom Boom Story (A mod I regret making)

    This is my first mod of Cave Story. What is boom boom story? well it is a mod of Cave Story that makes the game have the sence of humor that me and my friends have. The game has been modified until after you first meet Balrog and misery. I will update it every once in a while...