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  1. JohnJobies

    Chrono Trigger

    I went through this game to the end when I was 6 years old. And it seems that I had an ending connected with the king and his daughter. I'm not sure since it was over 35 years ago) (Edited) Ending number 1 in this video -
  2. JohnJobies

    Best of 2018 indie games

    The Messenger The Messenger is a gorgeous action platformer set in beautiful 8-bit pixel art. Not "pixel indie", but a huge, detailed eight-bit canvas, no worse than the same Celeste. When it comes to platforming, the game almost perfectly reproduces the mechanics of the original Ninja...
  3. JohnJobies

    Favorite game of 2017?

    1 word and 1 number.. Injustice 2 Awesome fighting game for DC fans. At that time, I was very happy to play it. Then and now it brings back fond memories of this game in me.