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  1. adark

    The Island

    Now that I'm back and less... unstable... than before, I feel like I should at least attempt to complete my old mod. Having re-read a lot of things, and now understanding why I wasn't able to mod soon after getting my first 64 bit OS, I'm back in business and better than ever. Don't expect...
  2. adark

    Did anybody else notice this about Resource Hacker?

    When I first read the post saying to get it, it said to make a backup of the EXE before saving your changes. But, regardless wheter there is a backup or not, if I do File>Save, it renames the EXE, EXE_original, and makes a new EXE with all the changes. Was that post made before ResHacker was...
  3. adark

    Adequately Drawn Adventure

    Felt like doing this. RULES: I HAVE ABSOLUTE POWER. Anything can be done, but only what I decide IS. BEGIN!
  4. adark


    S. P. Gardebiter had me take a pic of myself. It went out of hand and led to another picture and a video of my rage. I now present them to you, MiraiGamer Forums. If you notice a red circle thingy on the images, it's because my laptop's wbcam sux. h4PxtgvDJDk NONE OF THESE ARE...
  5. adark

    The Island

    REBOOT I lost about 48 hours of progress due to a corruption in both my main and backup files, so I'm starting over. Also, BLOG. I'm making EVERYTHING but the engine and NPCs this time, so wait time will be far longer.