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    Cave Story+ Humble Indie Bundle

    HI! Yes, old topic. I know. BUT! There's news, and I wanted to give a heads up on forums. Humble Indie Bundle 7, which has been running for about a week now, has JUST ADDED CS+ into the mix. You need to beat the average to get it, and it's $6.57 as I write this. Of course, you get a bunch of...
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    Machine Gun Challenge!

    If you want to take Machine Gun Challenge like serious business, you can start to try making the utmost optimally speedy run. Leaderboards are iffy for me too. Or the replays which don't seem to work, specifically.
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    Cave Story+ Needs You! (Again...) ( ^ _ ^ )

    Yay! My pet peeves were fixed! Remastered music is in with mac version, and timer reset bug has been fixed! Thank you! :) I guess, I could also say that the replays seem to always be "out of sync" or something (*1. And sometimes the score upload errors on first try, but usually it goes without...
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    Jenka's Nightmare Revived - Final release

    @Mosaic: Well, I played on Ubuntu Linux (12.10) + Wine this time, and I didn't get to that point yet. I don't recall that kind of problems when I played the original JN with fluxbuntu. Also I tried the ported version on mac a little bit, things seem to work, but decided to not play that cause...
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    Jenka's Nightmare Revived - Final release

    I played the original JN on wine few years back. Now, I started playing this revived version just a moment ago (again on wine). ... There weren't any installation instructions in the version, so when the game seemed to work simply by launching Doukutsu.exe I guessed it would work...
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    Am I the Only One Who Can't Beat Hell?

    FWIW, I always play with Spur. And I don't care about times in Hell, I guess my best time ever there is something over 10 minutes. :p I like Spur mostly because it doesn't need leveling up. I personally hate the Nemesis, because I can't ever seem to avoid the levelups scattering around. My...
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    Playing on Linux

    You could try to run it in Wine. Or wait for Valve to release that linux port of Steam which is supposed to be under development right now. If they are as good with customer satisfaction as I've heard them to be, your CS+ purchase should work on Linux just as well (HOWEVER, ONLY TIME WILL TELL...
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    Cave Story+ Needs You! (Again...) ( ^ _ ^ )

    I dunno if you beta testers are allowed to talk about it, but I'll ask anyways: does anyone of you have the mac version, and if so, does the beta happen to have the Remastered soundtrack on mac? I got my CS+ from HIB, so I *could* just use Linux to get to play to remastered music but... when all...
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    Cave Story = Mario?

    Nah. I think the similarities to Metroid (exploration, getting tools to reach new areas) are much stronger. Even the life capsule acquiring sound effect is eerily reminiscent, IMHO.
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    Cave Story+ save file location

    On OS X, Programs do not necessarily have the right to write to anywhere under /Applications folder, not even their own folders. Also, because it tries to be multi-user system, stuff is stored on per-user basis. Check if there's ~/Library/Application Support/CaveStory+/Profile.dat. Also, I'm...
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    Cave Story+ Humble Indie Bundle

    @WoodenRat: You know, I sometimes grok and even agree where the Pirate movement gets its jollies in a twist about DRM and stuff. But this is just stupid. I mean, how cheap can you get? Right now it's 5.34 USD to get CS+ AND those other games in the bundle. Those other games are quite good, too...
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    Cave Story+ Humble Indie Bundle

    I just noticed two things... 1) Cave Story+ crashes on my mac mini, even though I do have the minimum requirements (ok, the 64MB display memory is shared from RAM, and I have no idea if that's the problem). Also, I'll have to admit, my mac is acting funny in more ways than that nowadays, it...
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    Mac OSX problems

    Well, isn't this weird... If I launch from the mounted disk image, it seems to work fine. If I copy it to the hd (~/Desktop in my case) it dies immediately on launch to an error which looks like a memory access error. This started when I updated from leopard to snow leopard (just...