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    Nefarious, the kickstarter thing

    When I saw the trailer for the game, I was very impressed. Seeing now that it has about 16 days to make 50k, I don't see how the game will be funded in time. What are your thoughts?
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    Comment by 'metalsonic71' in media 'Rainy Day (in)'

    Usually feel that way when it rains too.
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    My Custom Challenge for plus

    I know that nobody here wants to bother with anything I do anymore, tough shit. I have been working on this thing for a week when I started and then not working on it ever since, so if I could somehow get motivated to work on it again, that would be swell. The thing for this challenge is that...
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    The Well - Polaris

    Where did that hidden thread come from? Anyway, you said ask anything did you. WEll in that case, WHY did you make that group?
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    The Forgotten Story: Version 0.4.3

    Let's just say that I couldn't get the + version to work correctly.
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    There is another polaris on youtube, I must be mistaken then. 0_0

    There is another polaris on youtube, I must be mistaken then. 0_0
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    I didn't know you were a famous youtuber

    I didn't know you were a famous youtuber
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    Random text?

    If you would have downloaded the aeon genesis translation, then maybe your title.pbm would not have japanese text.
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    *crashes* I believe haydon has already stated what you need to do, if that doesn't work then explain without your iffy errors on what you need help with.
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    Cave Story EASY MODE Mod

    Why would you make an easy version of the game? Cave Story+ has you covered.
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    NES Quote

    I thought we made it clear that Cave Story is as best as it is, Don't believe me? Find Retro Story and see the awfulness yourself.
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    Vinnis Sto- You know what no

    No you cannot fix it.
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    GTA V

    It automatically bests all the other gta's except for 3 and vice city.
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    Super HOT (Indie Game)

    "Let's see how this develops." Obviously the game needs detail and graphics, if this were to be the finished product. *and it won't* then I would not purchase it, the game also needs a story explaining *why everyone is red and um.. so oriented* Lastly, what is up with the overpowerness of this...
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    Could you tell me which mega man mod you were talking about? was it mine, *the terrible one* or...

    Could you tell me which mega man mod you were talking about? was it mine, *the terrible one* or tpcool's *which is still in development.*
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    Quote's Revenge ~ Kuoto no Fukushu (1.2)

    There is something going on with the link or it's just me, I really want to try this out.
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    Suu No Monogatari ~ Sue's Story

    Then just use firefox and quickly extract it to your download...or keep it anyway, your antivirus shouldn't be the problem. Anyways, awesome job.
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    Rate the YTPMV of the user above you

    Meta's wasn't a youtube poop video 1/10 I use to laugh at this for HOURS.
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    Sonic Story +

    I'm afraid that tails would not fit the role of curly, not just because of gender swapping confusion, but also because of everything else man.
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    Sonic Story +

    I did just make a +sonic advance version so you're welcome to use that, and recolor it if you want. I say please make/borrow some more sonic stuff, I like them.
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    Sonic Story +

    The eggman sprite's MarioSonicFilms made were awesome. However MY eggman is better. Oh, and the sonic sprite's were just resized into the + version. not that efficient.
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    ms71 story 2 *parody of a japanese mod*

    Download *This mod is still in works for'll see.* Now before I get any haters out there let me point out a few things. 1:This isn't HaydenStudios work, this is a mod created from someone japanese. 2:This is a joke mod, in fact, it isn't even that. Just very, very, very. Little...
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    The Skype thread!

    Okay since you keep saying that, I'm starting to take that as a joke. Even thought I spoke clear of this. p.s. I'm once again sorry.
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    The Skype thread!

    So this is the thanks I get? *casuals*