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  1. GaboDelta13

    i found a terrible thing

    Aw, come on it can't be bad. *A quick read later* I take it back, IT IS BAD :muscledoc::balrog:
  2. GaboDelta13

    How did your first playthrough go?

    Yeah, my first time was like this: -I knew about Booster 0.8 but leave Prof. Booster there to see what happens -Got the Nikimaru Counter -Never knew about Whimsical Star -Got the Alien Medal with skill and luck from Ironhead (despite having no use...) -Saved Curly but she had amnesia in...
  3. GaboDelta13

    So, How did YOU find out about Cave Story?

    Yeah, another reason why i like this game, Quote's hat is nice looking
  4. GaboDelta13

    Your Stupidest Deaths in Cave Story?

    Well I don't die often in Cave Story, but in a Self-imposed challenge (3 HP , polar star, normal missiles, fireball, bubbler, blade) i got a lot of them: -Got punched by Igor in Egg Corridor (this one is funny) -Crushed by a SMALL flying Critter in Grasstown -Monster X proyectiles :debug: -Got...
  5. GaboDelta13

    So, How did YOU find out about Cave Story?

    It was like around 2011 where i was into action-platform games, one day i searched in google for something new, Cave Story showed up, downloaded and play it, it was then were it became one of my favorites games, the gameplay , characters, the plot, the music, all looked so nice. And at the time...
  6. GaboDelta13

    Hi, Im Gabo's Status Message

    Hi, Im Gabo's Status Message