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  1. Marine.Jet

    What destroyed the Egg Corridor?

    Pretty sure it was an explosion, that’s what the robot in there said, also all of the dragons hatched so that’s another thing.
  2. Marine.Jet

    [NSFW] Do the Mimiga have testicles?

    As we know pixel is very based, so canonically pee is stored in the balls, so I think my wheelbarrow theory might be correct
  3. Marine.Jet

    [NSFW] Do the Mimiga have testicles?

    Or you could not! That’s always an idea. Well seeing as Mimigas are Mammals they do have balls (maybe too much seeing as they can’t help but throw themselves at danger), unless you want to tell me another way they store their semen (maybe in a baggie, or a community wheelbarrow). Pic related obv