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    Zelda rpg mod?

    im not sure rpg elements would be a good idea (at least not in this hack). ya i like the tunics idea, but the damage and experience would be too big a step away from the original. but it may not be a bad idea for other hacks which arent as far as gamemakr in the development process. but who...
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    Most Pleasant Surprise so far with Zelda3C

    ya my favorite is the town, but the forest is a very close second. cant wait to see epoch tower and the future/past world (dark world). keep up the good work gamemakr, josh, and reshaper, and eventually darkprince, and all other currently anonymous helpers! cant wait to play.:D
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    ASM daydreaming (And introducing myself)

    maybe you could make the sword break pots. would it be possible to change some enemies' behavior?
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    suggestions/constructive criticism

    hi. i thought this topic might be a good place for gamemakr to get suggestions and inspiration so he can improve the game even more and make it even more groundbreaking than ever!:D id like to see a LOT of posts here, so anyone reading this who has taken a look at gm's site, feel free to share...