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    CSTSF Modding Competition 2017 - Submission and Discussion Thread

    This thread has been a roller coaster from start to finish, keep it up guys
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    Videogames and Feminism

    Todd Howard crawled into my home in the dead of night, raped every open orifice, and then set fire to my house and urinated on the ashes. Do not purchase Skyrim. Do Not Believe His Lies
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    Cactus Jumper (Free Android)

    tricky and addicting to learn hit 1 to jump 1 cactus hit 2 to jump 2 cactus hit 3 to jump 3 cactus these tips and more will be released in my PRO GAMER GUIDE TO CACTUS JUMPER, 5 dollars on amazon
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    CAVE ++ (Its Still Alive Edition)

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    fuck you is who?

    fuck you is who?
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    Spess: Again

    I'll be here too
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    Who do you want to win the U.S. presidency 2016? (Debate)

    I'm voting for trump because no other candidate has such fine ass hair
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    Spess: Again

    No joke though, it's definitely worse spending some time looking through the wiki, just to get a basic feel of the game. We're always glad to help, but the more of the basics you can pick up on your own, the easier it is to find what you enjoy doing and get -really- good at it.
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    Who do you want to win the U.S. presidency 2016? (Debate)

    I voted for Deez Nuts the most capable candidate
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    Robot arms

    robot arms means you can have a dildo gun finger where's the downside
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    Spess: Again

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    Spess: Again

    Now do it now
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    Spess: Again

    >implying you can defeat the head comdom
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    Spess: Again

    Hell yes
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    Have you tried getting gud?

    Have you tried getting gud?
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    Could Undertale actually be the next Cave Story?

    Third time, actually. Earthbound, Homosuck, and now Undertale.
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    My Prior Issues With GIRakaCHEEZER

    So you... adapt to the expectations of society? If you can't handle that within a very small scale community (here), I'm not sure you're going to be able to fit in anywhere else. You're never going to find a perfect niche that completely agrees with everything you say or do, because no two...
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    My Prior Issues With GIRakaCHEEZER

    I reported you Q3, because you were being an ass to Xander, and now you're trying to cover your tracks as just "looking out for him." "All of your fanfics are terrible and I doubt you know the meaning of the words in your avatar. You should seek mental help." Yeah, that definitely sounds like...
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    Quote X Curly? Wha.....

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    Shit city

    You wanna know why other people are more liked than you? Here's a hint:
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    Who do you think will be president?

    If trump is elected, there will be hell toupee
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    Shipposting thread

    Ezio is there to take them all out
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    Donkey pls

    Donkey pls
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    Shipposting thread

    my ship