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  1. DualHack

    The "Make stupid aar puns" thread

    This is an Aarnarchy.
  2. DualHack

    Rest in Peace, Satoru Iwata

    On July 11th, 2015, the president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata died.
  3. DualHack

    The Well- DualHack

    Ok yes i am doing (hence my horrible grammar and spelling) Its the same as always ask me questions and i will answer. (with bad spelling)
  4. DualHack

    Im leaveing the forums forever

    Why? AND SOME OF YOU DONT GIVE A FUCK OF WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY! Because people that are exteremely mean. like Dunc. Each time i post something i get an mean answer. THATS FUCK WHY SO ALL OF YOU IDIOTS THAT PISSED ME OFF GO PISS SOMEONE ELSE OFF
  5. DualHack

    MLP:FIM Role play

    Edit by Noxid: Because Dualhack does not want to play this game anymore JakeXanth will be taking over as GM Edit By DH: Yes i am currently in the game now. :D
  6. DualHack


    Terraria server is up! Hamachi ID:DualHack Pass: 4564t5r IP:
  7. DualHack

    A Mod Contest (Last Cave)

    Hello and if you're reading this you could particeipate in this contest. You must make a SHORT mod of the Last Cave! Have fun making your mini mods also when all mods are in there will be a poll.
  8. DualHack

    Matt Story

    Hey guys whats up Im making a mod, Called Matt Story! The game is based on my dreams and real life. Version 0.1 Edit:computer hates RaVersion 0.1 Zip if your r Version 0.2 Verison 0.3 Version 0.7 (it ends after the teacher lounge secne) Any ways since Magic Doors Requested this He'll get...
  9. DualHack

    The Tornoment

    So if you clicked on this game is called the tornoment ill explain later but here are all player: DualHack:Lv2: Skills Hack slash metaor smash.:WEP Clay more ShadowLord:Lv2:Skills Metaor smash:WEP Claymore. MagicDoors:Lv30:Skills:Derp: Wep: Derp ??? Dunc2398? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ...
  10. DualHack

    Why did Ballos ask you to kill him?

    So when you enter the seal chamber you talk to Ballos. Right before the battle he asks you to kill then hesitates to say "Or i will kill you!" Then <NOD<END Im thinking that he killed his loved ones wanted to die. yet that he could not die. Also shouldn't hell be on the surface? but anyways...
  11. DualHack

    How about some Char sets?

    Hey guys like my brother im ganna be making a mod called "How about some Char sets?"! This is ganna need help from some people (who like me) to give me some Char dsets in NPC form! It's just my idea!!!
  12. DualHack

    What do you think about TheMimigaZak

    So What i think about TheMimigaZAk is hes a spammer