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    Official CSTSF Mirai Modding Contest Discussion Thread (Over)

    how does this happen every time you guys have a contest seriously some prize money and bragging rights is not worth this much anguish
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    Official CSTSF Mirai Modding Contest Discussion Thread (Over)

    are there any mod length details that you're already considering? length will probably make or break my ability to contribute, so i'm curious
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    What do YOU think of Fidget Spinners

    i think it's a good idea to be aware of shortening attention spans but i'm not about to get angry at someone for enjoying something for a short amount of time.
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    Is the DSI Port of Cave Story lost forever ?

    Distributing roms is illegal so you'd be hard pressed to find a forum willing to host those links.
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    CSModLauncher (BETA)

    This is pretty interesting, and it'd be neat to see it become a standard for modding and mod distribution. I'm not sure how thorough Doukutsu Club is, but maybe it'd be possible to use cmf files and DT's mod repository for some comprehensive mod access?
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    i found a terrible thing

    the whole "making fun of people who make fanart or draw fetishes" scene is getting real old. yeah i didn't really like his content and he probably wasn't super tactful but it seemed like he really thought his stuff was good, and i don't think that should encourage ridicule, and especially not...
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    the mimiga are probably dogs.

    mimiga aren't exactly bunnies, but they're not dogs either - they're probably taken from both. itoh probably doesn't have any reason for looking more dog-like, might just be to make his design seem more unique (even though he's not particularly significant or interesting anyway)
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    jenka's nightmare doesn't skip egg corridor...?
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    Booster's Lab - It's Pretty Good Now

    pixel is a terrifying man who somehow conjured up a successful video game. dont question his power
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    Make a Good Cave Story Level contest thread

    oh the different sprite in the dark world is based off of what happens when you go into the dark world in link to the past
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    i flew too close to the sun, and paid for my transgressions
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    「&̕͟͜$̴̢̛(̴͡͏#̴̢̢͟͢͢&҉͝͝%̢̡͘(̴̧^̷͢͟#̛͘͜$̴͜͜&҉̛(̸͝@̵̡̡͟͠ 」

    「&̕͟͜$̴̢̛(̴͡͏#̴̢̢͟͢͢&҉͝͝%̢̡͘(̴̧^̷͢͟#̛͘͜$̴͜͜&҉̛(̸͝@̵̡̡͟͠ 」
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    who wrote the note by the map?

    you can say "game logic" or you can have fun and imagine situations in which it would make sense
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    who wrote the note by the map?

    i wrote it
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    The Core the Island and other stuffs

    well the opposite actually cuz it floats without anyone's help
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    sacred grounds advice?

    out of those, only 3 of them make up the main gameplay part; the rest are side rooms and connecting chambers
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    sacred grounds advice?

    really the only thing to do is get used to the areas. consider just staying in b2 for awhile and practice avoiding the falling blocks until you can do it easily. also, at least in the original version, you can go back and forth from b3 to b2 to respawn the heart drops at the beginning of b3...
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    Make a Good Cave Story Level contest thread

    quick note, he did actually use <RMU, i changed it because it was causing weird conflicts with the game
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    Toroko Returns: A Cave Story Fanfiction

    why would we know
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    We need more than that. What tools are you trying to use? What are you doing? What's blocking you? In general though, the idea is to use Resource Hacker to go into the game's .exe, and replace the existing ORGs with your own. You can only change the file when you're replacing though, not the...
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    Plantation Puppy

    i think that's flavor text, i don't think cthulhu is legitimately saying you run on batteries. as for the "it was a mistake on pixel's part", that's great and all, but i believe that fan theories come from what the game results as, not just what the developer intended. the dog is there, so now...
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    Plantation Puppy

    e: i said something here but who gives a shit tbh
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    Plantation Puppy

    it was pretty rude tho serri.