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    A surreal puzzle adventure game with unique mechanics / capabilities. You are to guide a child through a mysterious world on a mission to restore its long-dead sun. ...Of course, things are never that simple. The world knows you exist. The consequences are real. Saving the world may be...


    Tess is a platformer run-and-gun game. It follows the story of Tess, an odd little girl who had a bad day. You run and you shoot and you can pick up exp to increase your total number of hearts. Download (ver Playable in the following languages: English French(Français) Korean(한국어)...

    Boss rush times

    Now that I've posted this, it won't be long before someone beats by boss rush time (with video footage to go along with it, I hope).

    Ikachan (In water/title screen theme) Remix

    So I'm not sure that there's an existing thread that's appropriate for this, so I guess I'll just make one. It's sort-of a late birthday present to Pixel. Based off of this.

    Bless You, Rip

    Bless You, Rip is an action adventure game starring a rabbit boy named Rip, who must find his missing brother. Along with his friends, he sets off to explore unfamiliar parts of the city while fending off an invasion of strange creatures. Screenshots: You can download the demo here. More...

    you kind of sarcasm

    It'd be easier to take you more seriously if you actually read what you posted before you hit the "Post" button. And it you bothered to take the time to use proper punctuation and Capitalization. Like for someone who complains about the 12yos, you kind of act like one yourself.

    LoliLoli: Race to the Moonlight Party!

    So this is a little secret project I’ve been working on for the past 2 weeks. It’s a small touhou-inspired danmaku game. The character art was done by whitepool, because I’m still not very good at drawing (and for other reasons). You can download it here. Also here’s a version for Linux...

    Bugs in the inline editor

    So when I go to make/edit a post with images, if I save it/post it on the thread's inline editor (instead of going to "More Reply options"/the full editor), all my img tags break. Whyyyyyyyy?

    Let's Play Dangan Ronpa!

    So I am going to be doing a Let's Play of this game. This will be my first LP (and possibly the only one). It will be a screenshot Let’s Play of Dangan Ronpa, a mystery adventure game for the PSP. This will be a mostly blind LP (I read the first chapter or so already). Also the let's play will...

    Cave Story: Heaven or Hell mode

    Here’s a quick little hack of Cave Story I made. The game’s entirely the same, except that now everything dies in 1-hit (enemies, bosses, even you). It’s sort of like a challenge mod, except maybe a bit less difficult than a 3hp run. Download link...

    The Witch's House

    So yeah, this is a pretty fun game, and you should play it. It can be pretty hard at times, and there's a hidden "true" ending. Download links can be found here:

    Avatar Squishing

    I've noticed recently that my 100x100 avatar get's squished/compressed slightly when it's seen above posts I make, but when I view my profile page it looks non-compressed/squished. Is there any way to fix this? Also I tested this on 3 different browsers (IE, firefox, and chrome) so it doesn't...


    I guess this can sort of serve as a general signature thread, but I have an issue I'd like to point out in specific. So I've noticed a sort of increase in the number of potentially rule breaking signatures as of recent, and I think I may now know why. When you go to the page to edit your...


    So yeah this is a pretty cool game. It's like yume nikki if it actually had some gameplay. It reminds me a lot of the old school resident evils, with the atmosphere and the puzzles. You can get it from the game's site: Also there are 5 endings but I...


    Want me to draw something? I am taking requests. They can be whatever, but I'll still decide whether or not to draw it in the end (keep it tame?). They can be cave story or katawa shoujo or whatthefuckingever. Example of a request: 'Rin and Lilly Highfiving' Also if I'm unfamiliar with the...

    Moustache Riders - Ignition

    Moustache Riders - Ignition (ZIP containing loopable pttunes) I'm happy to announce the release of my first album on Bandcamp, "Moustache Riders - Ignition". Each track can be purchased individually for a minimum of $1 per track, or the whole album can be downloaded for free (you have to go to...

    Horrible Cave Story review This review is just so bad, that it makes me SO ANGRY. Never have I seen such an unjustified legitimate attempt to hate on Cave Story for all the wrong reasons. It fills me with so much anger. The reviewer...

    Video Game Remixes

    I did a search and I don't think we actually have a thread for this so... This is a thread where you can post video games remixes you like or hate or remixes you have made or whatever, so long as it is a remix. Here's one I (just) made: 6tprd7-S1Kk

    Remixes from other games that pixel has made

    I don't think there was a topic like this, so I've decided to make one. I've made 2 remixes of music from pixel's other games. One is the Ikachan main theme: FlhCqOxWUGs And the other is from his game "Azarashi": 6JpAZwxFYL4 Anyways enjoy, and hopefully some other people will remix music...

    Why are Curly's panties hidden?

    Besides the obvious reason. It seems odd that they would be in the wall: Why would she keep them there? And are they the only pair or what?

    Advice for buying a domain

    I am looking to buy a domain, largely so I can host my own downloads, but so I can maybe do some things with it later. Any tips/ideas on where I should buy it from, and other things? I'm also going to have to learn a bit of CSS and html. I'll google some tutorials later, but if you know any...

    The Best Christmas

    (click the above banner) George and Jonathan (the makers of The Best Music) made another album, a christmas themed one. As with "The Best Music", I loved practically every track in this album. So incase you did not hear about this yet, here it is.

    End of the World

    As some of you may have heard, May 21 2011 is supposed to be "judgement day" according to some religions. Now I don't believe such sillyness, but this does create an interesting question. The world is going to end in, let's say 5 hours or so. What do you do?

    Bunny Must Die

    Bunny Must Die is a Metroidvania title. It has a quirky story and is pretty fun to play. It is a bit difficult, but it's still a lot of fun. One of the more interesting mechanics the game offers is the ability to freeze (and eventually reverse) the flow of time. Buy Bunny Must Die Here...


    I'm surprised we don't have a thread for this game yet. (I did the search thing, which turned up nothing) So anyways, premise of the game is simple: Collect Jewels, save princess, evert at eversion points. Can be downloaded from the creator's site. Controls: Keyboard: Arrows move, Z jumps, X...