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  1. Brayconn

    BPP - Your Hackinator Replacement

    Similar to CMPGenerator, this has actually been hanging around the CSMC for a while now, but y'know, threads are important. BPP is the patching program to replace the hackinator! Selling Points: Supports applying and undoing: Booster's Lab xmls Plain hex patches (0x1234 AB CD EF ...) Custom...
  2. Brayconn

    All-Seeing Eye - An editor for Guxt

    You can mod Guxt now. Source / Download / Docs Edit by DT: Keep all game editing discussion in this thread Put mods and such here There's also now a how to use intro guide thanks
  3. Brayconn


    This has been out on the CSMC for a bit now, but I figured the forums would probably like a link. CMPGenerator is a modding tool that aims to make the process of creating large CMP/SMP TSC commands easy. It's 99% feature complete right now, with the last 1% being a few extra options/quality of...
  4. Brayconn

    Sue - W.I.T.W.F.M ((Pre?)Alpha) V1.0

    Life Story. Poll Results! Since focus on gameplay won with a landslide victory (7 to 1) I will now be focusing on gameplay! Eventually. I'm going to finish the mod in visual novel style and then add gameplay once I have a good base to work with. Download ((Pre?)-Alpha) V1.0 Most Custom art...
  5. Brayconn

    Dad's Story V2.0 (Updated January/3/2015)

    Life Story. Download V2.0 Change Log. -Labyrinth I has more platforms and anti-crushing mechanisms. -Waterway Has ramps before most spikebeds. Currents have been slightly altered. -The Sisters room has more platforms/shields. -Last Cave (Hidden) is MUCH more forgiving/easier...
  6. Brayconn

    Picnic - Extended (Updated May/11/2014)

    NOTICE: This mod is on hold while I work on another mod for a bit (also because I can't think of a good end boss yet :mahin: ). Life story. Keep in mind that this is a WIP so the file may be updated frequently. Download V2.1.1 Known Coding Problems Script Problems (AKA me being bad at...