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  1. Mash0Star

    Cave Story DSIWare version modding.

    I searched the internet for DSIWare and I found the cave story version in a .nds file. So I used NSMBE V 5.2 to take a look inside and I found this And as you can see it looks just like the data folder in the pc version of Cave Story!
  2. Mash0Star


    Now You Can Play The Ultimate PIZZA Boy Simulator!!! Download Link ~~~~~~> VERSION 0.2.0 MAKE SURE TO CHECK ALL THE THINGS OUT! EVEN THE DROWNING SPRITES! Old Version 0.1.0
  3. Mash0Star

    Free to use Org Files

    Here are some free to use .org files!:heart: No Crediting needed!:pignon:
  4. Mash0Star

    Help for credits

    I thought to put some illustrations at some places (in my mod) is it possible to do it? I'm new to modding. Also how do you let the credits play when you want to?