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  1. VoidMage_Lowell

    Touhou Fortress 2

    Hey, since Team Fortress 2 just went free, and I know there's at least some forum members who also enjoy Touhou, I figured I'd show everyone this: Old website. {Disowned by current project group} Current website...
  2. VoidMage_Lowell

    Stalin vs Hitler

    When two powerful leaders collide... ...It's not what you expect.
  3. VoidMage_Lowell

    The Akinator

    Wasn't sure if this was a game or not, so... It's like 20 Questions, except the answers right 99.99% of the time. Go ahead and try it, he's guessed everything right from me: Quote, Horny from Dungeon Keeper, Lone Wanderer from Fallout 3; answer the questions correctly and he'll almost always...
  4. VoidMage_Lowell

    No Time To Explain

  5. VoidMage_Lowell

    Super Mario Crossover It's the classic Mario for the NES, but now you can play it as Megaman, Samus, Simon, Link, and others; each one using their own gameplay. They play pretty much as they would in their respective game, but with certain limits. Namely, Link going from...
  6. VoidMage_Lowell

    Not like anyone used the Social groups, but what happened?

    Is it just me, or did we lose the user created social groups, along with photo albums? I guess they won't really be missed {No one's even said anything yet...}. I had the hardest time getting any activity in my groups, and I guess we have Photobucket, but what happened to them? Just curious to...
  7. VoidMage_Lowell

    Mega Man 2 by The Adventures Of Duane And BrandO

    What would happen if Megaman 2 was made into a rap? Something Epic. QUEO9Mfmn4M These guys do a lot of different games like this, so you could always check them out for more songs.
  8. VoidMage_Lowell

    Trolling and Karma

    This is an actual episode on the anime, "Cromartie High School". Anyways, this particular episode is about Trolling, and I found it pretty funny, especially the kicker, and, well, this is a forum :D nrI7QUJfkvI
  9. VoidMage_Lowell

    Reset the clock?

    Just curious, but does the Calender need to be reset again for 2010 or something? I just tried checking it today, and while the bottom part says I'm looking at January 2010, it just shows December of '09. {Though the first two days of January are included there, it should've moved on to the next...
  10. VoidMage_Lowell

    You Have To Burn The Rope

    Someone mentioned this before, but I couldn't find any thread about this, so... You Have To Burn The Rope Awesome game. Play it at least once, it won't take more than a few minutes. Anyone ever win without burning the rope? :D
  11. VoidMage_Lowell

    L4D Tanks singing "YOU are a PIRATE!!", and other Special Infected singers.

    I just thought this video was so damn hilarious that I had to share it :D Basically, the guy who recorded this, Cricken, hacked a public server on Left4Dead {PC version, of course}. He then did things like spawning active pipe-bombs all around the survivors, or making everyone Tanks, silly stuff...
  12. VoidMage_Lowell

    Happy Halloween!!

    Yeah, I'm in the festive mood, and it's that time of year again. Halloween! 'Course, only someone living in a cave would not know that. :p Anyways, what're you guys all doing to celebrate this year? I was planning a few special things for the forums, but things never really went as planned, so...
  13. VoidMage_Lowell

    Starcraft II

    There's quiet a few people who play good ol' Starcraft here, enough to even create a group for it. So, lately I've seen some of these Battle Reports for Starcraft II. Really, I hate previews, because they just make me want the game so much that I can't stand it! Thus, I've tried to detach...
  14. VoidMage_Lowell

    Translate this!

    Alright, I got this idea off that "Bored? Let's play with Translations!!" thread. The basic rules are as follows: ~ Pick either Translation Party or Lost in Translation. Be sure to tell us which you picked. {If you pick Lost in Translation, tell us if you included the 3 extra languages or not...
  15. VoidMage_Lowell

    Bored? Let's play with translations!!

    Translations gone horribly wrong... Ever heard of Translation Party? Or how about Lost in Translation? They have very simple concepts, but are surprisingly fun. Basically you give them an English phrase and they'll translate it back and forth through some other languages, directly and literally...
  16. VoidMage_Lowell

    Women are the root of all evil, Mathmatically proven!

    Alright, here's a funny equation I saw today... Women = Money*Time We can all agree women will demand you to spend time with them, and for you to buy stuff for them, right? There's also that old saying, "Time equals money", so: Time = Money By rules of substitution, we can get this: Women =...
  17. VoidMage_Lowell

    International "Speak like a Pirate" Day!

    Just incase some-a-ya don't be readin' the calender, today be National "Speak like a Pirate" Day! {No, this isn't fake, it's an actual national thing} So join me in speakin' the pirate talk, all day! Unless yer a yellow-belly land-lover.
  18. VoidMage_Lowell

    Super Luigi's World!

    Before my Cave Story mod, LMAP, or before I even knew of these forums, I was workin' on a Super Mario ROM hax called {For lack of a better name} Super Luigi World! It was mostly because I wanted to mod something, and SMW's already a super popular game, even today. Plus, I had to show up...
  19. VoidMage_Lowell

    NPC.tbl glitches, solvaded!

    This thread's going to be about the various issues that appear whenever you edit the NPC.TBL and how to fix them. Zarro figured out the death sounds, but I dun think he was all that clear... {I only know just figured out what he meant :D; } OK, first, the dancy Balrog issue. The problem where...
  20. VoidMage_Lowell


    Search results came up completely empty, and I think this is big enough for it's own thread, sssooo.... M.U.G.E.N. Bascially, it's this Fighting Game Engine, like Mortal Combat or something, that was originally developed by Elecbyte. Something didn't go right {I can't remember if they said...
  21. VoidMage_Lowell

    Cave Editor download's down!!

    Hey! What gives!! Cave Editor's not found?! Seeing as none of the Admins are on, and I'm likely to forget this in the next 3 minutes after posting this thread, I thought I just say this out loud for andwhy or SP {Would you care, though, SP? XD} to see... Do we need to re-upload it, or something...
  22. VoidMage_Lowell

    Starcraft users, ASSEMBLE!!!!

    Yeap, just started a Starcraft group, for all of the Starcraft users in these forums who want to play with each other, ^.^ It's mostly because Bnet's gotten so freakin' boring, as of late, and the noob count's constantly doubling.... Anyways, for those interested, join the group and list your...
  23. VoidMage_Lowell

    Hackers, Modders, ETC!!!

    Seeing as how Captain's Light Side recruitment thread was a bit of a success, and I'm not sure how else to spread this new group's name around.... Here's a new group! The "Modders, Hackers, ETC." group!! This'll be like a grouping for everyone who's made mods or hacks or so-and-so for Cave...
  24. VoidMage_Lowell

    Cave Story ~ The Lost Mage and Pirate

    ~Finally, it's done!! My first released mod!! But, before you play it, first some Background story and such: ~This mod's going to take place during the original Cave Story story, so much of the mod won't make sense if you haven't gotten the true ending and beaten you-know-who, the Crazy Ball of...
  25. VoidMage_Lowell

    Lowell's Rant over the Cave Story Whiners

    I'm warning you, this is just a rant. It's all mostly to blow off steam, so I'm not going to be surprised when it's deleted/moved. But.. ...Has anyone seen those DAMNED whiners on the Cave Story Blog? The latest bit of news Tyrone released was a 12 second video of the new Sand Zone, and now...