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  1. dan_crim

    two more theory and it will be the last >_<

  2. dan_crim

    Arthur's Easter eggs

    arthur's house Easter eggs
  3. dan_crim

    all cave story ports TAS

    hello this thread will contains every TAS of the game builds include demos here is the youtube channel
  4. dan_crim

    here is where did balrog put the puppies

    one went to plantion one died
  5. dan_crim

    ame manga translation arabic

    if the manga was made in 2001 english translation in 2007 and arabic in 2022 i spent 6 months since i found it
  6. dan_crim

    help me add my language arabic

    i could edit cs+ csfonts.png but i don't know how to edit text dialogue rather than that can't shear it so i want a way to translate the freeware tried hex editor (Hxd) and replace courier new with my language Font (ابجد هوز) but it appears dots ...... is there another instructions
  7. dan_crim

    cave story gba tas
  8. dan_crim

    i think i know what ika chan medal for

    it has to do somthing with some jail thats what i read in amaya discussion