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  1. Kilo

    Stutter in freeware PC version

    Every 5-10 seconds the game freezes for a split second. I have a 144hz and 60hz monitor which I thought might be the problem but every combination of only using one and limiting the refresh/frame rate doesn't fix it. Help? Update: Unplugging my second monitor and rebooting fixed it.
  2. Kilo

    Graphics enhancement mod no longer working after temporary use of motherboard display for monitor

    I didn't have access to my 16:9 monitor for a while, so I had to use an old 5:4 one attached to the motherboard with graphics priority changed to there in the BIOS. Now that I've switched back to the GPU and am back on my widescreen monitor, this mod...
  3. Kilo

    Fix Japanese text on Windows 10?

    I want to try the game in Japanese since I'm majoring in the language at college but the text is garbled since it's not unicode. Setting my primary app language to Japanese doesn't work (and settings Windows 10 to Japanese won't work in general) and every fix I've found on Google is either...
  4. Kilo

    Cave Story's aspect ratio doesn't fit my monitors

    The game is 4:3 but the only monitors I have are 16:9 and 5:4, so the game will either be stretched or leaving awkward open space. Is there any way to correctly scale this game on 4:3 monitors?, because Google turns up nothing.