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    Browsers sons in Mario

    HOW DO YOU THINK BOWSER GOT HIS SONS AND DAUGHTERS IN MARIO? Heh. I say Browser played a game with Peach while she was kidnapped. And for the record:
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    How can a bomb be made with I think he already had other ingredents, but hadn't got the stuff you need to get.
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    Cave Story: Best WiiWare Game at e3

    Oh man, I'm shaking writing this! I'm so shocked! Cave Story at E3 was awarded the best wiiware game at E3! It's nearly finished! They have nearly finished it! They are fixing a few bugs! I can't wait!
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    Futurama - Cave Story connection

    In a Episode of Futurama, Fry and Leela are trying to shut down the ships brain. The ships brain has shut off the oxygen, leaving Fry and Leela to use oxygen tanks. Leela is to busy shutting the brain down she doesn't notice her oxygen is becoming low. Fry sacrifices his life and gives Leela...