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  1. rysoriginal

    Cave Story android version (BETA) + download link

    So yeah, this is a new thread for "Cave Story android" This game is a remake of Cave Story in libgdx gaming system, this means that maybe one day i could even release it on IOS aswell... Anyway the last ported version was about the version 0.5 BETA 3, now it's currently on version 1.0 BETA 5...
  2. rysoriginal

    The Most Funny-Nonsense Cave Story mod

    So yeah I am actually making a Cave Story parody and it is seriously funny xD So yeah, before you'll test it, it contains a rude language, sexy stuff and a lot of nonsense/retarded moments it becomes really funny from the Grasstown sequence (called Weed Zone in the mod) download...
  3. rysoriginal

    Cave Story android version (Doukutsu Demo android) + download link

    So yeah i was making a Cave Story camera game for android that allows the player to choose a map from a list and run some smaller events like "textboxes" when an entity is touched or some other events as Curly's killer robot event in the core's chamber, well it's just a map and event viwer...
  4. rysoriginal

    Quote has a beta icon?!?

    So yeah if we look carefully at character icon file we see that quote has actually no icon in the original game but if we look at the icon folder in cave story deluxe... well we can find every character text icon including Quote's one (similar to iron head credits image but a little different)...
  5. rysoriginal

    Andronya (best Cave Story music player for android)

    So yeah you probably know that pixel has released aswell with cave story a program called organya that allow you to listen to all cave story's soundtracks... I saw that somebody has already ported it to gba but then i though... what if I make an android version? .-. It resembles the main menu to...