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    Mr. Triangle Mania 2

    This is the sequel to my previous game Mr. Triangle The Pizza Delivery Guy Mania Simulator 2k17 (you don't need to play that before this though, the backstory is mostly explained in 2). It technically came out 2 years ago but I finally finished the (probably last) update and made a trailer...
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    Engine Structure and C vs C++

    Me and Yacker have been working on a game engine for atleast personal use in C, and I'm wondering if anyone here who has experience might have feedback/ideas/better ways to do stuff about the overall engine structure so far. One of the main points of the engine is to make it (relatively to my...
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    Mr. Triangle The Pizza Delivery Guy Mania Simulator 2k17

    This is a really stupid joke platformer game I put way too much effort into. It's a sequel to the first games I ever made, Mr. Triangle 1-5 (6 was never finished) and is partially based off a dream I had. (...and yes i'm aware it shouldn't be called 2k17 when its almost 2018 it took way longer...
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    Mail Story RDX (Demo)

    Mail Story RDX/Redux is the mod i've been slacking off on "working" on for the past 2 years. It is a complete remake of my earlier mod Mail Story. It only takes a few things from the original version (basic plot, one of the towns), but everything else is new. (It also has graphics that AREN'T...
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    Metropolismania (PS2)

    Has anyone played this game? It's a REALLY fun and addicting game.
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    SSGX hacking

    How do i make the minimum points for getting the final boss in Shine shine/die die galaxy lower?
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    Mojibake Fixing

    I've been downloading tons of japanese mods from doukutsu uploader, and all of them have messed up japanese text (mojibake), so i can't read any of it. To get the text working, would i have to use a japanese copy of windows 98-xp on an old computer, or could i do something else (maybe hacking...
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    Raising baby chicks =D

    In 2012 i found out about backyardchickens (a forum) and then i got interested in getting some hens, but the area where i lived didn't allow them, i recently moved to florida, where i can have some, so i bought a bunch of chicks :orangebell: This is "Foghorn" (I think the reference is...
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    PiyoPiyo Hacking

    I have a few questions about hacking the piyopiyo system, and im wondering if anybody knows the answers: 1.How would i make piyopiyo windowed? I am making an orgmaker version of a piyopiyo song for my mod, but i can't keep opening piyopiyo every time i have to add more measures. 2.Has anyone...
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    Mappy HD

    Mappy HD is a remake of my second favorite arcade game, mappy, that i'll be making soon. It will have 2X resolution graphics (heh heh 2x res), new levels, and maybe some new modes also. I've done a few of the 2x graphics already, and some of them are in the preview image up there. I think i'll...
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    C++ Or Java?

    After talking about game maker in the "Legends of Piramidos" Game thread, i started to think about learning a real programming language and making a game with it. Which programming language would be better for programming game's, C++ or Java? And does anyone know of a really good book for...
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    Cave Story - Curly Battle

    Cave Story - Curly Battle is a cave story clone i made in game maker in about 5 hours. How to play:Basically get through a sand zone like area and fight curly, thats about it. Controls:Z and X = Jump and Shoot, just like normal cave story. ----- Download:[link removed] ----- Also, by...
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    Ikachan 3DS Eshop

    Ikachan for 3DS just came out on the eshop. Discuss. My opinions and stuff of it: 1.I downloaded it, and beat it in about 30 minutes, its not really as longer as i thought it would be, its just a few longer path's and stuff. 2.The translation they added is pretty funny. "Cod-dangit Johnny!" But...
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    Null (0) - What is it for?

    In cave story, there is a map called Null, with the filename 0. You never go to it in-game(Though thats not suprising, considering its just black with no real tileset), but it has a bunch of Null/Nothing entities in one corner of the map, with events on them, and the script for the map has these...
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    Where did these come from?

    I was looking up cave story beta, and i looked at the info compilation page someone made, and theres a link to this image: That say's its from 2ch/2channel. But does anyone know where the actual 2ch post was? Any links?
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    Names of .PMD's?

    Does anyone know what the english names of all the .pmd files included with piyopiyoplayer are?
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    .pmd to .org?

    Has anyone ever made a program that converts piyopiyo music to organya?
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    Mail Story Original post:
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    Pbms to Bmps

    Im trying to start a mod of cave story, using cave editor and sues workshop, but when i change the extensions of the pbms to bmps (in the cave story exe using cave editor, im not that stupid) but i get a weird error with mojibake whenever i open the exe now. could someone help me?
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    Azarashi 1998 Beta

    I got the beta of azarashi from 1998 onto my netbook, but what are the controls? 123 Do not work, Space goes through menus, and F11 pauses the game, but i cant find the controls for the actual game. Anyone know the controls?