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  1. Kyle Satwon

    I'm making my own adventure RPG game!

    Not directly Cave Story related, though, so if that isn't the cool to your beans then I understand. I'm making an RPG called Crapbug. It's being made in RPG Maker MV and it's about you! and your friends! You've been turned into bugs by an evil wizard and now you must go take back your world...
  2. Kyle Satwon

    heyo my fellow pineapples

    Reply to this post with something epic everytime you see it this isn't a spam post, I just want to post something people can reply to here so that it isn't so quiet anymore I'll start My internet went off for an entire day and I spent 10 minutes with the Google dinosaur and got an epic score...
  3. Kyle Satwon

    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (reply to this post with YOOOOOO too)

  4. Kyle Satwon

    My First Ever Mod! (Cave Story: Silver Version)

    Introducing Cave Story, but different! Allow me to educate you about my new (and first!) mod, namely Cave Story: Silver! This mod is basically Cave Story, but different. (like I mentioned earlier.) This took SO LONG to...
  5. Kyle Satwon

    Kero Blaster 3ds?

    Is Kero Blaster coming to 3ds? I saw a review on IGN for it, and it said it was for 3ds, with a release date of TBA...Is it actually coming? :critter: I hope so...
  6. Kyle Satwon

    How can you get the Beast Fang on CS3D/Cave Story Wii?

    I was wondering if it was actually possible. I heard it's possible, but every video I saw on it don't really help.
  7. Kyle Satwon

    Has anyone considered making a Cave Story Anime?

    Seriously, it's not too bad of an idea. There's a lot of scenes in the game that I can totally see animated...