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    What? NO! It's me, QXC! You don't remember me from, like, half a year ago? Being a lot more childish? And idiotic?
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    Paranormal Experiences

    Everywhere I go, there happens to be SOME sort of ghostly phenomenon that happens, even today, strangely (While I was showering, the lights - our circuits are PERFECT, by the way - turned off in the bathroom). I believe it is one of my grandfathers watching over me, because I remember when I...
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    Yeah. My mom's friend is afraid of ANYTHING with a stinger. She's allergic to bee stings, and she doesn't take the time to try to tell apart, so she'll freak at any stinged creature she sees. Huh... I remember a bees' nest outside of my house once. My friend literally just WALKED by them and...
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    I have a slightly-less-than-average case of arachnophobia (not so much to where I'll scream if I see one, in fact, I'm the ONLY one in my family who'll have the guts to pick up a shoe and splatter it). I also have a deathly fear of heights. I won't jump off a diving board if I TRIED. And I STILL...
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    favorite video game quotes

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    how do you hide cave story away from an annoying little brother

    M'kay, here's what I do (especially when it's NOT something I want ANYONE seeing) (and sorry if this has already been said and is late) Take the game. move the save file AND the .exe into a flash drive or an SD Card you may have lying around, and take it EVERYWHERE YOU GO. If you don't have...
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    The Motivation Thread

    I just NEED to get through these last two days of school... then these stresses will be all gone... :muscledoc: I'll be cool as an iceberg...
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    How many times have you beaten Cave Story?

    Sooooo, you're 29?
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    The Wish-Granting Game

    Seems like I'm not the ONLY brony around here! (yay) Anyways, I hate to say this, but, granted, but she is in her enraged state and teams up with Pinkie Pie to murder everyone like Pinkie did in "Cupcakes" I wish I was in Ponyville, was morphed into a pony, had 4 portal guns that fit to hooves...
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    Are you getting Cave Story for 3DS?

    No, because (like any sane middle-class family) I can't afford one. But I would LOVE TO GET IT.
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    Done with high school

    You guys are lucky, we had to make up 7. FUCKING. SNOW DAYS. (damn high-school graduation dates are fucking set in stone) Anyways, luckily, it's my last week, and I SHOULD be cramming for my Civics final. But, of course, like I always do, I just waste my hours away on the Internet and when the...
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    The Wish-Granting Game

    Granted, although you get hit by fat blocks I wish I weren't hungry right now.
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    How many times have you beaten Cave Story?

    Yes, I was three in 2001, what of it?
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    You're so addicted to the Cave Story Forums that...

    You're so addicted to the Cave Story forums that when you try to kick yourself of the habit of going there ever again, you just KEEP. COMING. BACK. Heheh... good one, there, cultr, good one.
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    The Wish-Granting Game

    Granted, that filly's idea of "love", however is beating you constantly with a steel-toed boot. I wish that I could turn my dreams into real life at will.
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    How many times have you beaten Cave Story?

    Let's see... around 17 times for the normal ending 0.5 times for the bad ending (I turned the game off right after I said yes. I felt bad making the island fall without doing diddly squat about it. Playing a game like that many times can do that to ya) 0 times for the best ending Oh, and hi...
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    The Wish-Granting Game

    Granted, but all the pretty ones are taken. I wish that I weren't such a sorta-hikkikomori
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    In this Topic we rate eachother's Avatars/Sigs.

    A: Trippy, Man 10/10 S: So true, I hate Life Insurance agents, too. 8/10
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    As you all probably know, I am in 7th grade, where everyone is hooking up with dates that usually only last a week. I overhear conversations about dates and am conspicuously jealous at most people. Every time a girl compliments me, two things come to mind- "Is she just doing this as a joke?" and...
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    Sorry about acting like a troll, man. I was being a dick. Can you forgive me? ^_^'

    Sorry about acting like a troll, man. I was being a dick. Can you forgive me? ^_^'
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    What are you good at?

    I am best at RPG-esque games and side-scrollers, and can almost exactly predict what an enemy is going to do in RPGs. And I'm pretty good at being crazeh.
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    Haiku chat

    I am back you guys But you probably don't care Back from a slumber
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    Post your Desktop

    This is my mom's new touch sreeny. My laptop is the Acer that I can't change the background to. I punched the screen, and it cracked.:(:o
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    Hey, I'm sorry for asking, but how do I upload pictures directly from the computer while...

    Hey, I'm sorry for asking, but how do I upload pictures directly from the computer while replying to a thread?