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  1. Spirit

    Request Art Here!

    Have you ever wanted to get some sick art from cool guys on the INTERNET? Like these guys? Well, set your s off cause THIS THREAD has got a deal for YOU, homie! This is the place where you can request some cool dudes to do art for you! Here's how this is gonna work: You request something! As...
  2. Spirit

    important information about polarstargames!!!

    he is a WRETCHED COMMUNIST who lives in ALABAMA and likes ALE 8!!!! THE LEGENDARY EIGHTH ALE!!! HOW DASTARDLY!!! quick everyone, be sure to DOXX HIM and make sure he PAYS for being the WRETCHED COMMUNIST that he is!!
  3. Spirit

    Despair/Complaining Thread

    that's very inappropiate! nice. I have a lot of embarrassing/shameful secrets, but... I also like Also I think sex is nasty but that's probably not a secret.
  4. Spirit

    Five Nights at Fuckboy's

    yesthishadtobemade WARNING! MIGHT BE A BIT NSFW! HEY! I DIDN'T MAKE THIS! SABLESUGAR MADE THIS! "We already have a Five Nights at Freddy's thread," you might be saying. "Why do we need another one?" Well, this isn't FN@F. It's a fangame. The blurb: "Five Nights at Fuckboy’s is a FNAF...
  5. Spirit

    Adobe Creative Suite CS2 now freely available!

    Hello, fellow members of the CSTSF. I am here to discuss the recent(?) release of the entire Creative Suite 2 bundle. If you don't believe me, look here. What does this mean, you might ask? Well, every app that came with Adobe CS2 is, as you might expect, free. As in, it's perfectly legal and...
  6. Spirit

    Spirit's Saga Relived [V0.0.2.2] (Not anymore...)

    Closed... Hello! This is SSR, one of my first mods ever put effort into! Screenshots! Download! SSR V0.0.2.2 (Mediafire) This mod will cease production. Here's how and why. Gone.
  7. Spirit

    "What is your favourite anime?" thread

    As the thread title explicitly asks, what is your favourite anime? I can't really pick a favourite anime, since most of the anime I've watched were good (examples are: My Neighbor Totoro, Paprika and 5 Centimeters per Second) so...I'll make a list then. [Warning: possible spoilers ahead (this...
  8. Spirit

    [Indefinite Hiatus] CSTSF Wallpaper Collab!

    This was a terrible idea. From now on this will be put under an indefinite hiatus. Sorry. [COLOR=#ff0000] Rules for the CSTSF Wallpaper Collab: This is important to read and is required. [B]A list of the people who will be drawing: [CENTER]Take it easy, then.[/spoiler]