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  1. !!!H0-SnAp!!!

    The video-game. Real fun, lotsa laughs.

    Ok forum! This game is very simple. I'm gonna explain it to you step by step. 1-Go to youtube 2- Search the funniest video you can imagine 3- Find the video 4-post the URL in this thread so everybody can see it 5- Rate the last posted video from 1-10 and say whatever you want about it...
  2. !!!H0-SnAp!!!

    ///soUldier\\\ - the new CS mod

    Hi, forum! I created a manga book, called SoUldier and I was thinking about creating a CS mod based on SoUldier. I already have the story pretty much figured out and so the character design. Problem is, I tried do make that CS mod once with the help of a friend of mine and we stopped even before...