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  1. JetHawk95

    This is where it all started.

    Right, First off I don't think I can find the right place to put this post, I'm a member from a long long time ago (oooh the days of IRC xD ) So, Noxid if you're still running this place, lurking in the shadows, Will you put this in the right place? Much love. Way back when I was active here I...
  2. JetHawk95

    Starting a new project. Help

    Okay so I have been inspired by many other indie games to start my own project. I've been in the concept stages for quite some time and I have a idea of what my story shall be and some designs of how my game shall look. First off I am aware how big of a thing starting something like this is...
  3. JetHawk95

    Sonic Story

    Okay so all the way back in 2010 I was active on these forums a whole lot more and I was working on a mod entitled Sonic's Story. Now as you may have guessed it is a crossover of Sonic The Hedgehog and Cave Story, I wasn't exactly fantastic at modding back then but the mod had a lot of...
  4. JetHawk95

    Studio Pixel Remix/Tribute Project

    So back in 2009 I created a post requesting musicians to unite together to start the Cave Story Remix Project 2. A whole load of of talent poured in and the final product turned out amazing! 6 years later the musicians involved have increased there talent and skill massively and I see we have...
  5. JetHawk95

    Meltdown - Sand Zone Remix

    Hello guys, I know I've been away a very very long while, I hope everyone here is doing great! I'm glad to see GIRakaCHEEZER and Noxid are still here ^.^ Anyways I've just released a new rmix of the Sand Zone Theme here: watch?v=imW8g0pjUOI& Hope you like it. Also would there be any interest...
  6. JetHawk95

    Moonsong - Commodore 64 Remix

    Hey guys, First off I hope you've all been doing well, I don't visit here much, Or any forums for that matter. life got real busy. Anyway just made this and thought I'd post it here to celebrate the great time I've had here over the last 2 years! egJ3zYx7ETE Thanks guys! I hope I'll be back...
  7. JetHawk95

    Breakdown Metal/Rock Remix

    Just finished making this! Everything is made in software so sorry if the guitars don't sound brilliantly realistic but I slaved over them trying to get them as nice as possible :)
  8. JetHawk95

    Low Size MMO?

    Does anyone know any MMO games what are reasonably low in size? I already know most of the FPS such as cube and COD but I'm looking for more retro styled games such as Terraria and such.. Being free would be preferable.
  9. JetHawk95

    CDoT - Memory (Music Video)

    Well if your into Rap/Hip Hop then be sure to check the music video for my new single "Memory" F9xkCG2uHYU If you was wondering what I look like in motion here's your chance ;)
  10. JetHawk95

    Do I need to apologise?

    It seems some of the members have gotten quite irritated with me.. I know I have been harsh on newbies and been a little snappy but I never mean any harm or to upset people.. Anyway as a person whos been here quite a while Ive grew fond of you guys, You took me in and made me feel welcome but...
  11. JetHawk95

    Tower Of Heaven - High Res

    Tower Of Heaven is an excellent freeware game. If you havent played it go check it out here: After playing the game I got the idea of a high resolution version/ Color version and thought to email the creator for his advice and maybe participation.. So yeahh thats how...
  12. JetHawk95

    Cave Story Tatoo

    So yeah might be having this done soon Obviously it'll look better when done properly but what dya think?
  13. JetHawk95

    Metaserphins SIg Tutorial

    So yeahh for the guys who want a sig like Meta it's simple, Follow the instructions.
  14. JetHawk95

    What Forum Style Do You Use?

    Does anyone still use the old default Miraigamer Style. I still do, Got it as default...
  15. JetHawk95

    Facebook Like Wall

    Would it be possible to implement a home page where users can post updates about... where they are with there mods, Sayin they need help with music or sprites and ask for a PM, Post events or sites of interest? Just thought it would be cool so instead of having to create a whole new thread just...
  16. JetHawk95

    Rescue Me (New Track)

    New track just released, CDot And Yasmin Jade - Rescue Me... y2bjdM_l7Cw Hope you like it :)
  17. JetHawk95

    Music Feedback Please?

    Could I have some on this please?
  18. JetHawk95

    Reqium Remix Ok so this is for a project at college were designing games and my idea is really inspired by Painajainen. Your a boy who falls asleep and gets trapped inside his dream and has to go to the four corners of his dream and face his four most feared...
  19. JetHawk95

    Google Street View Game

    Ok so not so much a game but you post a postcode near your house or just the name of your area so people can look around and see what type of enviroment you live in :muscledoc: well anyway heres mine Rotherham, South Yorkshire S61 3AA (England) :)
  20. JetHawk95

    Love The Way you lie part 2

    Hey, Well just recorded this with the beautiful Ariana Grande. Tell me what you think :) 8ZGgGxCfcxQ
  21. JetHawk95

    Got Twitter or Newgrounds?

    Got Twitter or Newgrounds? Post em here :pignon2:
  22. JetHawk95

    Cave Story Night

    Was thinking about planning a night where we all sit down and play through Cave Story again. probably have us on the IRC so we can chat. Would anyone be intrested?
  23. JetHawk95

    Merry Christmas :D

    Might not get to say it on the day so hope you all Have a great Christmas :o
  24. JetHawk95

    My Skateboard Will Go On - Anamanaguchi

    My Skateboard Will Go On By Anamanaguchi Found this and Im geussing you guys are gunna effin love it :D
  25. JetHawk95

    Music Industry is dead...

    Is it me or is nearly all music nowadays just rip offs or remix's of other songs. Most of the songs in the chharts are just remakes. I geuss game music is pretty original and can be a lot better than actual music.