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  1. trickybilly

    Hungarian commercial media

    Hungarian commercial media level: I have translated some headlines using Paint. BTW. TV2 AND RTL KLUB (RTL...) BROADCASTS FORETUNETELLING ALMOST ALL DAYS UNTIL NOON. P.S. SOZ 4 SOME TYPOS I'VE MADE THIS FAST....I did not translate some with sad news out of respect. BTW. HAPPY 2016 FORUMS :)
  2. trickybilly

    Shocking: we sort of still live in middle ages

    YOU MAY NOT BELIEVE THIS, BUT THIS IS TRUE. SADLY. TRUE. I was invited to a doctors conference organized by a medical Society - doctors came from the neighboring 4-5 countries. They were talking about: Adam and Eve, creationism, "all those who think differently are not human beings" and that...
  3. trickybilly

    Moon craters

    I tried to videotape the telescope view of the moon. Moon craters and mountains:
  4. trickybilly

    Poll: Dragonball Z - is it still good?

    This thread is for the Dragonball fans of this forum :) A topic that is popular again especially in the wake of the new Dragonball Z movies. Vote :)
  5. trickybilly

    Amateur astronomy

    Hi, my hobby is amateur astronomy and I have some cool things for you which you can see with your unaided eye and simple binoculars: Unaided eye: -Do you want to see Jupiter, Venus, Mars or Saturn with your own unaided eyes? Did you know that they are usually they are the brightest "stars" on...
  6. trickybilly

    Fun free sculptor proggie

    Addictive, free, sculptor prog. for all you art lovers:
  7. trickybilly

    Do you check your video game info?

    After Logitech sponsored California's Women's Conference: decided to promote feminine values by encouraging woman gamers to "own" their male rivals. Unfortunately the promo team of Logitech decided to put this idea into the...
  8. trickybilly

    What happened?

    USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST (Lack of content/spam) - GIRakaCHEEZER
  9. trickybilly


    In Hungary, a gypsy kid was sent to a reformatory (kid prison) for stealing a T shirt. After 11 months the jury´s verdict denied that he could legally defend himself at liberty, so he stays more. The reason that he gave the T-shirt to one of his friends to hide it got punished even further - the...
  10. trickybilly

    Most underrated, valuable Youtube channels

    Some people teach with whole heart at Youtube and share amazing original content, yet some not having more than 50-200 views per video. I imagine this thread might be 2x beneficial 1) we might find here a valuable channel we are interested in 2) give the diligent creator more views. Teaches...
  11. trickybilly

    Poll: Best video game company?

    Which are your favourite video game companies and why? Which companies you do not like or avoid? My favourites (in no particular order): 1) 2K - because of the Bioshock series and other cool games 2) Rockstar - GTA... some high quality games 3) Bungie - I like them since they have released Oni...
  12. trickybilly

    Has Pixel closed his BBS?

    Unfortunately I cannot find his BBS anymore on his site. That means we cannot talk to the big guy that way anymore. :( *If you can find it somewhere soz, I think I have looked everywhere.
  13. trickybilly

    Kero Blaster Theories

    I suggest making a theories section for K.B. There is so much to discuss...why are the "negativus legatia" suddenly attacking? Where do they teleport when shot? What is C&F company doing? Why is C&F company selling weapons and heart from his own employee, Frog who tries to save it? Why is the...
  14. trickybilly

    Kero Blaster Remix Project

    Make that happen people :)
  15. trickybilly

    Disney - freakshow

    Judging how some ex Disney stars behave...what comes next? I am afraid that many will see "the naked truth" about their ex idol... I wanted to post some video as illustration, but it's NSFW...anyway what do you think about all this? What if Disney was infected by Hollywood?
  16. trickybilly

    Internet in Real-Time

    Ouch ! I guess many of us are part of this...
  17. trickybilly

    Serbian floods

    Catastrophic floods in Serbia. I am safe, but many people have lost their lives and property. 1-bBt2TmkjQ
  18. trickybilly

    ISS Live Cams

    The ISS has installed 4 cameras with different points of view. It's an experiment to test the camera-equitment in outer space. We have two websites , one of them shows us the live stream and the other one shows us the current position. The best is the sunrise and the sunset. It looks so...
  19. trickybilly

    Lazy developers

    Copypasta. Ain't the 2 CODS a bit similar? NG45MZ4B_jU
  20. trickybilly

    PIXEL ANSWERS: "Why did the Egg Corridor explode?"

    The above question was the title of theory threads earlier. I always thought the Doctor blew it up so he'd prevent escape from the island by the dragons. Others had other theories. Anyway there is the answer on the BBS now. The reason why is this in "Theories" is that it opens up new questions...
  21. trickybilly

    Quality cartoons

    There are some awesome cartoons, but few of them teach morality, or education without being boring. I use the word "quality" in this sense. What were/are your favorite quality cartoons? This (Albert Barillé: Once upon a Time Life) inspired me to be a doctor while in kindergarten: imP2MZxoM-s...
  22. trickybilly

    Why are gaming clans called clans?

    Wikipedia says: "A clan is a group of people united by actual or perceived kinship and descent." In gaming clans there is usually no kinship nor descent. I am in a gaming clan for years, but I can only give theories. Anyone knows the answer? I always thought it's like a "ninja clan" - and under...
  23. trickybilly

    We almost froze

    [04:27.32] <[SiN]trickybilly> Hi, back from holiday early. There is catastrophic snow situation in Serbia, we have left the car on the road and fled to avoid freezing. [04:27.59] <[SiN]trickybilly> :( [04:29.36] <[SiN]trickybilly> We have spent 16 hours in the car, cut from resouces...
  24. trickybilly


    What's your hobby? What do you like in it? I have more than it's normal, but since I'll never have wife&kids I'll find more easily time... 1) amateur astronomy (200/1200 Skywatcher Flex Tube Dobson) 2) ballroom dance 3) fine art 4) competitive FPS 5) languages (now Spanish) 6) philosophy...
  25. trickybilly

    The 2014 thread

    2013 is ending soon... where will you spend it's last hours? At parties or home with your family/friends? What are your plans for the next year? Best wishes for 2014 everyone :)