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  1. GunbladeMaster34

    Xol Story Beta 1.0

    Finally! Made it to a full beta release after all the sudden work I had! You may know this game formerly as Project My House. Well, after days of brainstorming on the title, I finally settled for Xol Story. Let's cut to the chase. Link's here. I'm gonna lay down over there cause I worked pretty...
  2. GunbladeMaster34

    Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    This game is hyped up to be the best Zelda game with open world exploring and realistic physics with a storyline. Is it truly that great? Yes it is! Not only did this recent installment sold out like crazy, the sales rating was 101%, meaning that the game alone and the bundle including it sold...
  3. GunbladeMaster34

    Project My House Alpha

    I finally did it! My first mod in progress! It's gonna be a fun little mod I plan on continuing while I look for a job, so here's the link to the download: Edit 6/2/17: Since I haven't gotten much of anyone that wants to cameo in my mod, I'm gonna make a new plot and throw in some callbacks and...
  4. GunbladeMaster34

    Azure Striker Gunvolt

    So who else is hyped up for the Striker Pack coming in two days? I'm planning on picking it up as soon as it gets released! :D Second I picked up the first game, I was definitely hooked. Inti Creates knows how to make a good action game.
  5. GunbladeMaster34

    BlazBlue RR - The Real Action Game

    The recently released BlazBlue, a well known fighting game developed by Arc System Works, caught my attention cause it's been released on mobile platforms. Unlike the others before it, this takes on a beat 'em up style in story mode, but the online PvP mode retains the 1 on 1 style. It's a...
  6. GunbladeMaster34

    What do you think is the better PC platform?

    I may prefer Windows as my preferred platform due to living with it for most of my life, but thanks to my grandfather constantly switching me between Windows and Mac (cause old man reasons), I got curious and wondered what's everyone's preference towards PC. Tell me your thoughts and reasons why...
  7. GunbladeMaster34

    Hello? Hell...o?

    Hello? Hell...o? is an interesting freeware RPG Horror game translated by vgperson that I came across around high school among others in the genre. It's about a man going though problems with his girlfriend. The game takes place in a strange room filled with things to do that'll give you...
  8. GunbladeMaster34

    Quote and Curly Have "Souls"

    After taking a closer look at the story, I theorize that Quote and Curly have "souls". Now I have a few examples here: • Curly was raising and protecting the Colons by herself like a mother. • When Quote defeated Toroko when rabid, no music played. He was deeply saddened having to kill her and...
  9. GunbladeMaster34

    Freedom Planet

    I can't believe nobody did this game yet! This game made by Galaxytrail was caught wind of by tons of Sonic fans thinking that this is a Sonic fan game, but overtime during development, it grew in popularity and became the hottest indie game released! This recently released game has tons of...
  10. GunbladeMaster34

    Forums App?

    I've noticed that nobody had ever thought of an app for these very forums. I myself am not capable to make one, but hopefully, someone might be able to. :mrgreen: Anyways, the said app would be used like a regular forums app (if such an app exists), but with permission, we can get the games...
  11. GunbladeMaster34

    How the Demon Flowers make the Mimiga rabbid

    I think I have an idea why the red flowers make the Mimiga go rabbid. Ballos's madness affected some parts of the soil, changing the genetic makeup of some flowers. Therefore, if a Mimiga eats said red flower, it makes them go crazy. This is of course off topic, but I'm now using my mobile phone...
  12. GunbladeMaster34

    Could the Demon Flowers Have No Negative Effects AT ALL?

    I was reading King's page on the wiki and on the trivia section, I read part of an interview: After reading it, I was shocked. Then I wondered if that's what Arthur (bless his soul) did to drive the Red Demon away to save the village. Any thoughts?
  13. GunbladeMaster34

    "Mimiga Island" is Based off of [insert floating island name here]

    Ok, I might sound like I'm on drugs when I'm typing this but hear me out: One day, I was watching a walkthrough of Chrono Trigger by VerticalSandwich on YouTube (plugplugplugplugplug), and when he got to the Kingdom of Zeal, I noticed that it looked like the Island from Cave Story! Absolutely...
  14. GunbladeMaster34

    Why is Chako purple?

    I got an idea in a dream on why Chako's fur is purple: If anybody has questions, comments, etc., feel free to do so.
  15. GunbladeMaster34

    Cave Story II

    I'm workin' on a sequel to Cave Story (4th endin' mod). The mod begins withtoroko head in' back to her house, only to find another Mimiga unconcious right next to the teleporter. when he regained conciousness, he utters Toroko's name. Considerin' how she never met him before, she starts askin'...