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    Madoka Movies They are showing the Madoka Movies again in theaters! Because I'm am 256% wee-a-boo, I managed to purchase the tickets as quickly as possible. If you live in California, you might want to come to the San Francisco showing. If not, I'm sure...
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    UNepic (UnEpic, also U.N. Epic Wasn't Her) is a game in the style of Maze of Galious! This means La Mulana-like play combined with Castlevania elements! Also throws in a bit of Diablo style elements. The demo is free. The full game costs a good chunk...
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    Wiki Indie Project

    On Wikipedia, I would like contributors of the CSTSF to use their knowledge of how to use scholarly citations in academic essays and dissertations to improve articles about Individually Developed Games (Indie Games) on the website Wikipedia. == Articles to be expanded == Tower of Heaven...
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    Switch to phpbb?

    Since the Switch to IPBoard? thread is too old now, we need a new one. Now, before you begin to move this thread to the SPOT, this is actually a serious suggestion and not a troll post. I have done lots of speed tests using Noxid's server, since his server does have a copy of phpbb. I never...
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    Cave Story Anthem Duet

    izwY7CUzL60 Tell me what you think and what could be improved. Avoid listening at the max volume because you will start to hear the footprints of the microphone.
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    On Modding and Mods

    Why is Cave Story modding hard? This is a rant about why modding the original version of PC Cave Story is so difficult and why making an EXACT clone of Cave Story in C++ will not help very much. For a Cave Story clone to be successful, it must be significantly different from the original...
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    TSC Flag Tracker

    Keep track of your TSC flags using Mint 2.92! INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Double click "FlagTracker.exe" 2. Type the word mint and press enter. 3. Now you can save your flag descriptions. Your flag information is saved into the folder named "flags", located in...
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    TSC Quines It is possible to write a quine in any programming language that is Turing complete. Some of you don't believe that TSC is Turing complete. It is. A quine is a program that prints its own source code, without using File I/O or other cheating...
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    Iji Ports: Permission Granted by Remar

    Iji 1.6 for Any Operating System IRC Channel for Iji Porting: Join ##iji (yes, two pound signs) on Use: or your own IRC client. NOT or Hello ladies and gentlemen of the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums...
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    Ignoring Topics

    Is it possible to ignore a thread? In other words, if somebody bumps a thread, you (and only you) will not see the thread showcased on the main page. Instead you must navigate to that forum or subforum to see the thread at the top. This might be useful for ignoring threads that you don't care...
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    Daniel Remar has created IjiOS - his own operating system. Ha. Not really. On which OSes do Iji and all other Daniel Remar game-maker games run? I know Hero Core works on Mac, but what about the other games? Does game maker simply support Mac out of the box, or is there some fiddling to do...
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    Cinnamods Cinnamods are Cinema Mods. They are mods of PC Cave Story that are never supposed to be played by actual users. Instead, the mod maker plays the mod, creating a Let's Play with audio commentary while doing so. The mod cannot be played normally. It will look like the mod is full and...
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    Advice - Buying a Domain?

    I am looking to buy a domain, largely so I can host my own downloads, but so I can maybe do some things with it later. Any tips/ideas on where I should buy it from, and other things? I'm also going to have to learn a bit of Ruby and Perl. I'll Google some tutorials later, but if you know any...
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    Mint to TSC

    Converts Mint code to TSC. Well not really. The version of the Mint language implemented in this program is a very limited subset of Mint that is barely Turing complete. Example Input: #0300 x = true y = true teleport 300 if x display Hello, world! 5000 = true 100 = true <END #0200 teleport...
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    Karma System

    This is similar to vBulletin's rep system but cannot be abused as easily. You can only get Karma if the following happens: - You are somehow promoted to moderator or administrator. (+2 Karma) - You get a thread with at least three 5 star votes that is not in the Satellite Lounge. The average...
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    Why the Fireball is Required

    There is a good reason the Fireball is a required weapon in Cave Story. Consider: Gum Base Charcoal Jellyfish Juice We know that charcoal is flammable, and we can only assume that jellyfish juice is also flammable. However, there is nothing to light the explosive when it is finished. To start...
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    Booster, Scooter, Rocket Fuel

    The Booster, Scooter, and Rocket all have the green trails of propulsion bubbles. What fuel do they use? Is it: Gasoline, or some crude oil variant. Hydrogen Methane Pure Electricity (the exhaust is just superheated atmospheric gas) Kerosene Biofuel Nuclear Fuels Steam Water Sodium Potassium Other
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    This is the first indie game I have created. Download: ProtoFlight 1.1 To run the game, double click on the file you downloaded. You must have Java 6 or 7 on your computer. Do not extract the contents of the file unless you know what you are doing and have the JDK installed. Controls: Arrow...
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    Cave Story Big Integers, Floats, and Complex Numbers

    Consider Cave Story. Now consider floats, very large integers, and complex numbers. Floats: floats are real numbers. In other words, they include all the numbers starting from negative infinity to positive infinity exclusive. They cover every rational number and every integer, and then some...
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    Changing Posts Per Page

    This is not possible in the latest version of IPBoard. Could we insert some PHP code so that pagination would work more like it does in vBulletin? I would prefer 20 or 30 posts per page, instead of what it is now.
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    A Slower Speed of Light This is a wonderful game that teaches little kids how special relativity works according to Einstein. Try the game. You might like it. It should be available for download for Macs and PCs.
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    Nukes in Cave Story

    If Cave Story's plot could ever be mapped to real life history, and I am not saying that it could... Do you think that enraged Mimigas (i.e. those that were fed the red flowers, such as Frenzied Toroko and Igor) are a metaphor for nuclear weapons? Think about it. A lot of countries would be...
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    JavaScript Problems

    I am pretty sure that I posted about this before. However, this bug has still not been fixed. Look at this text: Javascript is a language based off of LeafScript. Or perhaps not. It is the weirdest language in the world. Javascript is dynamically typed. It has Java and C++ syntax. The...
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    How do you donate to Wikipedia? I tried to do it, but it didn't accept my credit card. I believe that Wikipedia will one day be the only true source of information - the guide to human life itself in digital form. Or it's just boss because you can troll people by vandalizing articles.
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    Nicalis Style

    This is a song about the indie game porting & developing company Nicalis. It is a parody of Psy Gangnam Style, so the copyright is "fair use". At least, it should be. Hooray for Cave Story and indie games! Lyrics: