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  1. Claoose

    The Escapists

    (Pretty sure there isn't a thread for this yet.) The Escapists is a game developed by Mouldy Toof Studios where you play as an inmate slowly working out an escape plan. You interact with the other inmates as they are vital to your escape. You can establish friendships with them so you can buy...
  2. Claoose

    Is editing sprites with GIMP any good?

    So for my mod i'm working on, I wanna edit the the playable character sprite. I have heard that the best program to use is Paint.Net, so I installed that. I also share a computer with my brother, and he started complaining about our Wacom Tablet not working after I downloaded Paint.Net, so he...
  3. Claoose

    Curly's Machine Gun

    In the beginning of Cave Story, Quote finds his first gun, the Polar Star, in the Gunsmith's chest. But where did Curly get her Machine Gun? Did she have it when she woke up with Colons? Did the Colons give it to her? Is there another gunsmith somewhere in the Sand Zone?