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  1. Nameisnotname

    Cleverbot Quotes Basically, for those of you who don't know what it is, Cleverbot is and AI that talks to you, sometimes saying the most random and hilarious things. You simply type something into it, and wait for a reply. Post the random stuff it returns here! For example Me: Mentlegen...
  2. Nameisnotname

    Stuff you think is normal that other people find incredibly bizarre.

    Self explanatory, I guess. For me, I'd say that two of the big ones are eating breakfast cereal when it's not breakfast, and the style of music that I listen to.
  3. Nameisnotname

    Mah Youtube broked

    Monkeys have been dispatched.
  4. Nameisnotname


    I was browsing Youtube, and I found this game, based off Cave Story. Looks good so far for an indev game. Homepage:
  5. Nameisnotname

    What fraction is Pac-man?

    It is a question that has bothered me a lot recently. Debate.
  6. Nameisnotname

    I need to know something

    How many of you dislike me?
  7. Nameisnotname

    Cave Story Story

    I don't know if there is a thread like this one, but I'm creating it anyway. Here's a preveiw of my Cave Story Story, named Surface Story. Tell me what you think, and if you are doing something similar.
  8. Nameisnotname

    How was the Floating Island created?

    Was it Ballos, or Jenka, or was it just there? I don't remember if it was uncovered during the game.