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  1. Walrus_Guy

    A Watery Tale

    What is good my friends I made this mod back in late 2018 and i put it on the doukutsuclub website in feb 2020 but I think I forgot to post it here so here you go More description is on the link, it's not exactly done (like graphics wise) but everything that's supposed to be playable has been...
  2. Walrus_Guy

    Last Cave (Unhidden)

    does anyone even know what this looks like?????
  3. Walrus_Guy

    how to do most spur damage

    spam the default level or which one do you charge to do do most damage per SECOND and with turbocharge does it change?
  4. Walrus_Guy

    how do i see my posts

    like see my posts i made not my comments i forget if i shared a mod
  5. Walrus_Guy

    the feels

    sometimes you don't get the feels until after you have gotten the feels which makes me feel like the feels aren't really the feels, but the feels of the feels itself so if you try to recreate the feels you may not get the feels until after the feels recreation has already passed so the lack of...
  6. Walrus_Guy

    i love stuff

    cool stuff: oceans space lists of cool stuff forests fields cave story me you (maybe) give me your feedback or i will take it
  7. Walrus_Guy

    The Most LEGENDARY Weapon

    What do you feel like is the most LEGENDARY weapon out of all of the cave story weapons? by that i mean the one that gives you the FEELS the most if you get what i mean sort of? i vote for blade but spur is very very very close 2nd i wrote reasons why you might pick the weapon next to it but...
  8. Walrus_Guy

    Favorite Balrog Catchphrase

    so balrog has a couple of entrance words but which one is your favorite? (also he says hiyah when he comes into the seal chamber at the end)
  9. Walrus_Guy

    Ballos Destruction BOOOM

    so you have your super missiles and stuff does everyone beat the last ballos stage by unloading all their super missiles instantly for a super fast end or do a lot of people slowly take him down and where else do you guys use your super missiles because i feel like i only really use them on...
  10. Walrus_Guy

    fastest weapon

    What weapon goes the fastest (at level 3 or for the nemesis enemy level 1) like you shoot it boom and then the bullets go out I think the super missile launcher or the spur goes out the fastest but it could also be the bubbler or the machine gun or the fireball but probably not the fireball...
  11. Walrus_Guy

    Least Famous Place

    Name the first map that comes in mind to you Do not repeat maps for save points that all have the same name refer to them like "Mimiga village save point" You can name a big place (like grasstown), and it does not include the smaller places like chacos house so you can say those after This is...
  12. Walrus_Guy

    Balrog BalFROG color

    I don't know if anyone has asked this But why is Balrog a different color in the Gum room? before he turns into balfrog hes a little bit more.. grayish i guess? Has anyone else noticed this? Also in the Japanese version of cave story do they not call Balrog "Balfrog" (However they would say...
  13. Walrus_Guy

    Connected areas

    So I was thinking Ballos's sealed chamber area is connected to the plantation and thats connected to the outerwall and thats connected to the egg corridor and the plantation is also connected to the first cave, which is connected to the balcony and the beginning ballos area and all the other...
  14. Walrus_Guy

    ballos thing and youre good now

    if someone asked you to beat the ballos level area sacred ground and fight ballos now and you had your 50 health and everything and super missiles and whatever weapon you want (spur is the best though) what do you think is the chance you would be able to beat it? forget all time and trying to...
  15. Walrus_Guy

    Best weapons and worst weapons

    What do you think are the order of the weapons from worst to best? I think there are 10 weapons Also this includes all factors like how useful it is throughout the game, the amount of ammunition is has and everything The only factor it doesn't include is the factor of being able to use it to...
  16. Walrus_Guy

    Cave Story - THE STORY

    This is a game where you can play Cave Story - through talking. The idea of this game rather than just playing regular Cave Story would be that it would be interesting to look back on your progress and see the choices you made, and also to possibly add some more interesting things (such as...
  17. Walrus_Guy

    enemies on the island

    what are the enemies on the island??? are they normally there? how did they even get there? are those frogs like massive or something? because we the small ones are like half the size of you! seems weird like are they animals or something because they seem to big to be animals but kazuma has...
  18. Walrus_Guy

    Balrog Boss Battle Game It's not really a mod but it's a really simple boss battle game I made Try it hopefully it's a little fun I know there are some glitches but I just thought I'd share it I'm still working on another one of my games but this was a neat idea I...
  19. Walrus_Guy


    when you think about cave story do you think about stuff like it goes first cave mimiga village then grasstown and then sandzone or do you think first cave mimiga village EGG CORRIDOR grass town sand zone labrynth..... I forget egg corridor a lot, does anyone else? maybe its because the...
  20. Walrus_Guy

    moving cavestory FOR COMPUTER

    is it possible to give my computer one of those live backgrounds with like quote moving or something id prefer if the way to do so was free lasted forever doesnt have to download fishy things legal thanks just curious because i think that would be cool if i had quote and kazuma on a dragon...
  21. Walrus_Guy


    Just curious does anyone know that if you booster repeatedly (press z a bunch of times instead of 1 time), not only do you go farther when moving up and stuff, but you can actually overpower the water (and thus I assume the air) currents? Also IN THE WATERWAY how do you use the machine gun to...
  22. Walrus_Guy

    The Core the Island and other stuffs

    I've been confused about this for a while can someone explain to me something about the island like does the island float naturally? or does it fall naturally and what do the cores do? (both regular and undead) and what does ballos do to the island and stuff? or nothing? Also I have a joke...
  23. Walrus_Guy

    new emoticons

    under the cave story emoticons is it possible to add a dragon one (normal dragon), a professor booster one a pot one a save point one and a spur one? thanks...
  24. Walrus_Guy

    Fastest Possible Ballos Time

    What is the fastest possible time to beat the entire sacred grounds stuff also i think time gets weird with frames per second so i'll talk about 50 frames per second I'm not sure if it's best to use the spur or the machine gun or the snake has anyone ever done this with that tool assisted...
  25. Walrus_Guy

    Future Cave Story Message

    i don't know if this counts as a game but you have to say something and type a date and then ill send that to you at that time also the message has to be under these 4 rules 1.) it can't be super duper duper long 2.) it has to be appropriate for stuffs 3.) oh and ill put this in front of every...