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  1. GearStrike

    Artwork thread

    I didn't see this int he forums anywhere, so I thought it might be fun for everyone to show off their artistic skills, no matter what it may be.
  2. GearStrike

    Crack Story ReDux

    Dead Thread
  3. GearStrike

    Cave Story Review by GearStrike

    This is me being honest Release Date - 2004 Made by Studio Pixel 10 words or less - Totally Fucking addicting to the max0rz Review Time: Okay, after watching Cloud8745's video on Cave Story, I got interested in it, so I looked it up on Google and played that game for about...2 months...
  4. GearStrike

    Random Cave Story related questions/comments/stupidity

    Here's something I thought about while I was talking to my friends, it really puzzled me... How old are Curly and Quote? I later found out that by doing some math skillz and taking account of the human/mimiga war... They'd be about 12-14. - - - What the hell is Monster X? Honestly, he's...
  5. GearStrike

    Plans for new Mods

    Yes, I'm back from a long ass Hiatus. I am currently in possesion of 2 mods that i made over the past weeks. I have some new ones planned for later: Crack Story ReDux (Remake of the first, not half-assed) Kaizo (Main Character wears blue and talks...) 3HP Minimal Run of friggin' doom (No...
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    Crack Story 1

    Dead Thread
  7. GearStrike

    Crack Story 2 - Withdrawl

    Dead Thread
  8. GearStrike

    How do you create signs?

    I'm talking of course, about the signs that pop up in the game like in santa's house warning you about Death Pits and etc. I was wondering is someone could help me with this issue.
  9. GearStrike

    Favorite Enemy in Cave Story?

    I don't know if there's a post similar to this, but my favorite enemy is the Chinfish.
  10. GearStrike

    Cave Story: eXtended

    This is my first post...but this is my second mod for Cave Story, I made it so the caves are harder and also so it takes a bit more thinking to get through each part of the game. I'll put up a beta when I get close to 50% done.