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  1. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Vernal Edge on Kickstarter now btw

    Campaign Demo Devil May Cry/Kingdom Hearts 2 inspired combat, sliding on the terrain, and the overworld navigation of Treasure Islands. We need more fans I beg of you.
  2. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Hello Penguin 2: Too

    Ahem. Perhaps you've heard plenty of stories, but in our world there are still more to tell. In older days, there was a magnificent guardian. It watched over the people from the mountain tops, rose with the sun, and in the morning its greetings boomed throughout the world. This is the way...
  3. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Megabyte Punch

    H-7IFAiQX_8 Megabyte punch plays a lot like the Subspace Emissary from Brawl. You have no health bar and instead are trying to not get your damage bar built up too high. The higher it goes the farther you fly when you get hit, and you die by hitting surfaces really fast. In this game however...
  4. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Kitten Battle Dungeon

    Do you like cats? Of course you do! Kitten Battle Dungeon is a platformer adventure game with elements of exploration, fast paced platforming, and duels with tough enemies. Using the latest in cat technology we're trying to make something fun. The game is roughly 20% completed as the...
  5. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Let me just put this here...

    33SkXT9D_8M Yeah that's good, that'll work...
  6. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Top 10 resons why cave story has room to improve

    1. Lack of real meaning in the story. The back story of the game is basically there as an excuse to play and the only interesting elements are the character deaths and whatnot. It lacks any moral theme which isn't required for a video game's story but definitely gives it a more cohesive feel...
  7. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Profane Kangaroo in Crazyland!

    Hello Forums! This wonderful new mod coming to theaters near you, is a collaborative joint effort project between HyMyNameIsMatt(me) and the lovely Dunc1911. In this mod we plan to make the best mod ever with new everything. This includes new graphics, new colors, new art, new pictures, new...
  8. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Original mod idea do not steal

  9. HyMyNameIsMatt

    We gotta Vary Shit Up

    Okay so, this has been bugging me, and like any rasonable person who can't fall asleep I'm making a thread about it. So I've taken the time to notice that all Cave Story mods follow the same format. You adventure place to place with maybe some plot and get new guns, OR super gimmicky trail...
  10. HyMyNameIsMatt

    When you buy a game and get something different.

    Okay so, you ever buy a game, and you already have this idea what it'll be like from what you've seen in commercials about it, or from previous installments, and the game ends up being completely different? It's kinda like how a large chunk of people reacted to Super Paper Mario or Banjo...
  11. HyMyNameIsMatt

    A Cave Story Christmas Art Challenge!

    Woo! So the idea is a pixel art contest for stuff. What you do is, you take a sceen from the game, "Arthur's House, Balcony, etc." and Christmasify the image. It doesn't need to be an edited screenshot, you can assemble it yourself, as long as it is still recognizable as the same area. You...
  12. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Mod Art Help

    Hi. If you're making customized art for your mod and are having trouble, or want advice on how to make it better, post it here to get some feedback. Likewise, if you have any artistic skill and see someone needing assistance, be a good person and help out. Give some advice or even offer to...
  13. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Video Game Book Club for People

    So this is a thing. That said, the thing is a video game bookclub! I'll be running the event, and here's how it works. Every Saturday, I'll be deciding on a game to play for the week, by at the next Saturday, we start detailed discussion on it, and I pick a new game. I'll try to pick games...
  14. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Retsupurae fans have something to laugh at I'm not gonna say anything, pick it apart and enjoy.
  15. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Mod Story: Critiques from hell

    Seriously. So I'm doing this thing now. Here I plan to play and go over the positives and negatives, "more usually the latter" on mods, with the creator's permission. So far I have completed my recordings of Haunted House Story, and the rest of the footage will be posted within the week...
  16. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Hello Penguin

    THE LONG AWAITED GAME! HELLO PENGUIN IS COMPLTE! HELLO TEAM HAS THIS TO BRING YOU! This game was programed by Noxid, with art done by Me and a good friend, and music done by that same friend, and promotional art and other by Tadpol. This is the pinnacle of game design. You can find the...
  17. HyMyNameIsMatt

    What you REALLY want from the next CS release

    Cave Story has seen many many rereleases from Nicalis, each one leaving a bit to be desired. Obviously with each port simply being a rehash or recreation of old code we know they've taken time to redo art or music or add new game modes, but I'm sure that a few of you would agree that the juke...
  18. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Matt does helping things for the modding community

    Last Updated: November 2, 2012 Yup. I'm just going to continually update this initial post with problems that occur in most mods that we see, why they happen, and how an individual can fix them. =Way Too Hard= So anyone who's played a mod here will notice that some of the mods we see are...
  19. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Murky Oddity

    Sup yall. For whoever this may concern, I have been working on a game. I've been using a program called Construct which is a somewhat simple and extremely useful game making program, "alot more complex than Game Maker in my opinion" and it's free so if your interested in making a game check it...
  20. HyMyNameIsMatt

    The Iconoclasts

    This game is awesome. So far it's an unfinished one, but I had a really good time playing it. The art work is amazing, the music is nice, and it's plot is is pretty well thought out, "so far". Game play is nice and has some originality to it. It's worth a look...
  21. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Update to the email notification system

    Just some simple stuff to stop clogging up our inboxes. One thing I notice is that if you are subscribed to a thread, and are refreshing the page constantly because an active conversation is going on, you will receive a shit ton of emails letting you know about posts you've already seen. It...
  22. HyMyNameIsMatt

    If Cave Story had a thousand spinoff games...

    Today I was wondering what would have happened to Cave Story had it been created around the time when big franchise games made their first appearances, "Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc..." and something came to me. If Cave Story had become a big franchise game at that time like those ones did, what...
  23. HyMyNameIsMatt


    RaCDg2Kefl8&feature Let me fix that.
  24. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Community Project: Deity Project

    Well lets see... This is a community project THAT HAD BETTER WORK! The idea for a project was by Lunarsoul and the idea of the project was from me, "Yay!". So here is the basic idea: LxzwaJmpYwc The video was a mod of the game Minecraft made to play like "Nazi Zombies" from the game Call of...
  25. HyMyNameIsMatt

    Is White on WiiWare?

    I've searched the hell out of it, but can't seem to find the version of white made for Wii. I know it might suck but curiosity grinds me further on in my quest. So I ask you this. Did whiteget re-made for WiiWare, or did they just leave it be?