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  1. LazyLizard39

    Asian symbols not showing up correctly

    Hi everyone, So I downloaded the original Cave Story without a translation, and when I went into DoConfig everything looked like this: So when I opened Doukutsu.exe all the text looked like that too. Does anyone have a solution? I really want to play the original for...
  2. LazyLizard39

    the best mods

    Hi everyone, I've played Cave Story way too many times, and I want to play something Cave Story related, but something different too. So... I want to know from the CSTSF (Cave Story Tribute Site Forums) what the best mods for Cave Story are. Everyone is open to their opinion! ~LazyLiz
  3. LazyLizard39

    My Computer keeps BSODing from CS+

    Hi everyone, I have this bug with my CS+ application. Every time I run it it Bluescreens my computer and has the PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA error. Nobody else seems to know what it is, and I really want to play CS+. (it also said something about ddmk.sys)
  4. LazyLizard39

    Custom fonts

    Hi everyone. I was going to make my first thread just now, and I went into the "Font Family" section on the bar on top of the thread you're writing, and I noticed the small number of fonts there were. I was wondering if we could have the ability to add our own fonts to the thread bar, like we...