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  1. Mack-In-The-Box


    Hello! You haven't heard from me in a while...but, I thought I should do something about Cave Story, so I did. T.U.C.S.Q.B. stands for The Unofficial Cave Story Quiz Beta. I got online, got on the first QuizMaker that I could find, and made a cave story quiz. It only has five questions, and...
  2. Mack-In-The-Box

    The Game Of Groans

    The rules are simple: 1. Make Dad jokes. That's all!
  3. Mack-In-The-Box

    The Littles

    So, I was speedrunning the Outer Wall, and I thought, "It's a shame that getting the Nemisis takes so long, it would be a great weapon for speedrunning." Because, you know, you have to make the jump, and go to the Graveyard, and come back, and make the jump again, and switch weapons, and make...
  4. Mack-In-The-Box

    Plantation Puppy

    Okay, I was playing CS recently, and I got to the puppy in the Plantation, he gave me the life capsule and life pot,(I hadn't collected it) and he said, "Say hi to Curly!" So, he/she must be one of Jenka's puppies, right? Well, I went back to the Sand Zone, and the puppy was still there, so was...
  5. Mack-In-The-Box


    Um, hi, does anyone know of a modding guide(for Cave Story) for absolute beginners? Also, I'm on a Mac, so I would need a guide that teaches you how to mod CS on a Mac. Everything is helpful! Thank you!
  6. Mack-In-The-Box

    The real reason of "4-8-08"

    Okay, so I was thinking about this the other day, and I thought that I should share with you guys what "Wife bor child, 4-8-08" means. --SPOILERS!-- Okay, when you go to the Waterway cabin WITHOUT curly, the computer will display the message, "Wife bor child, 4-8-08". Now, I think that anyone...
  7. Mack-In-The-Box

    Speedrunning tips?

    Hey, I am planning to try to speedrun CS, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips. Thank you in advance!!
  8. Mack-In-The-Box

    How the heck do I beat Ballos?!?

    Hey, I'm new to the Blood Stained Sancuary/Hell/Sacred Grounds/UgggggIhatethisplacesomuch... So, to me, the platforming is easy, and I can get through Hell in about 11 minutes.(No, I'm not trying to speedrun.) But the part that gets me is Ballos. He always kills me on his second form, if I use...