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  1. Yakkers

    Mini-STGT majigger

    I'll jump in again, I've gotten a lot better at shmups since we last did one of these.
  2. Yakkers

    Who is the best waifu in Cave Story?

    Always has and always will be mimiga Sue
  3. Yakkers

    Mini-STGT majigger

    I've done a lot of gitting gud since the last one of these, so I'm interested as usual. I doubt we'll manage to get a team together without you leading the way, though.
  4. Yakkers


    I saw this and I've been wanting to play it but I'm not sure if I should hold off for the full game or start with the demo. It seems like some heavy spoiler-worthy stuff happens, so I feel like that might have more impact if I can play the whole game in the same run I'm discovering everything.
  5. Yakkers

    Reconstructing Cave Story

    Didn't Noxid pretty much already do this? This looks like a great learning resource though.
  6. Yakkers

    Cave Story Anniversary Picture

    Ogosh this is great, I can't pick everyone out but I can see you put a lot of work into this. I'm really good at going unnoticed for these kinds of things so I'm honored to see myself in there :3
  7. Yakkers

    Curly wants fucking...?

    Curly can't be thinking about Quote like that, that's Sue's job
  8. Yakkers


    But they're not implied to be not gay either, eh? >:3 That's the magic of shipping, there's generally no indication either way so neither straight/gay ships are more insane or forced than the other. And Santa/chaco is always nice and definitely makes sense, I notice they're often shipped in...
  9. Yakkers

    I thought of a game! [warning - madness ahead]

    Here have a classic DdPS0e6p634
  10. Yakkers

    Internet Warning

  11. Yakkers

    The 2014 thread

    I was sick and running on two hours of sleep, so I stayed up just until midnight and then knocked out for the next 14 hours. I don't have much planned for this year, other than it finally being my "get my shit together" year. Maybe another cavecon? :D
  12. Yakkers

    Cave Story look-a-likes

    Ohi I remember this thread There's this in-dev game called Undertale, it has a character named Toriel that looks kinda mimiga-ish. Makes me think of Sue with the colors and all. I've already seen a pretty good amount of crossover fanart between this game and CS.
  13. Yakkers

    If you could return to any point in your life...

    Oh man, me too. I almost bought a few and started mining them on free dorm electricity back when they were worth about $20 each, I would have made thousands.
  14. Yakkers

    If this actually happened in Cave Story, how would you react?

    Well I'm not quite partial to things being transformed into rainbow baby horses for absolutely no reason, but it's animated well and is pretty cute.
  15. Yakkers

    What exactly IS the Surface?

    I always thought it was just like, the game's "earth" The regular world where all the normies and such are from, and it'd just be a planet like ours
  16. Yakkers

    If you could return to any point in your life...

    I'd go back to 2009ish when I met you guyyysss :heart: No but ~2009 was probably my happiest era, it's when I started actually using the internet and starting discovering/being comfortable with who I was and finding my place before there was any negativity or drama attached to any of it.
  17. Yakkers

    Touhou organya music thread

    I've used a similar process in other programs before and it usually work out pretty well, you just need to tweak the instruments once you import it and that's actually kind of a fun process. I've never played with orgs though, so I don't really know how the editors work. Imma make a suggestion...
  18. Yakkers

    Cave Story Figures?

    Quote looks... very angry. I'll have to see what the rest of the migmas look like if they get included, I have a soft spot for figurines so I'll be keeping an eye on these
  19. Yakkers


    Shipping, huh? FORTUNATELY FOR YOU GUYS I HAVE A LOT TO SAY ABOUT SHIPPING My main one has always been Quote x Sue (mimiga form pls), I think they're really cute together and the game kind of tips you towards it a few times, mainly when Mahin asks "what was it, a love letter?" It wouldn't mean...
  20. Yakkers

    The "What Do You Want For Christmas" Thread!

    Is it bad that I read that as "underwear shots" at first glance And I already got parts for a snazzy new desktop that I built the other day as a joint birthday/christmas thing, so I'm pretty much all set for the season :3
  21. Yakkers

    The Fourth Annual Kanpachis

    Some quick nominations copied and pasted from Hayden's post because I'm lazy: Best post: Noxid (1), (2) "Best" post: SnowB34R Best Fanart: Drunk Curly (Wild Desu) Best Ragequit:
  22. Yakkers

    What did you dream about last night?

    I had a dream that it was perfectly normal and acceptable to eat live mice in your salads and my roommate was doing it I think I have problems
  23. Yakkers

    Favorite Ramen

    I used to pour the entire flavor packet all over the raw brick and take bites out of it
  24. Yakkers

    Favorite Ramen

    I usually get maruchan but I'm not picky. I don't even really care what flavor it is, I just cook it up al dente and drain the broth so it's just got a bit of saltiness left and butter that shit right up
  25. Yakkers

    Martini symbol?

    I would say "challenge accepted" but the ingredients for this would probably cost me $100+ so yeah no