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  1. ilikebreadtoomuch

    Would anyone be interested in a Mafia game?

    (Unsure if this is actually the correct sub-forum for this) I am a big fan of the Mafia social deduction game. I've actually hosted a series of Mafia games in mostly every online community I've been in so far. During my time of lurking these forums I noticed that a game took place here in 2010...
  2. ilikebreadtoomuch

    ModCS - Lua Modding API to Cave Story

    ModCS is a Cave Story modding utility/engine which adds a Lua Scripting API to the game. Download ModCS Currently the main features of the Lua API allow you to: Have custom HUD elements Insert code into existing NPC and Caret types Make NPCs and Carets from scratch The download site also...
  3. ilikebreadtoomuch

    Escape from the Lost Cave (Demo) [CANCELLED]

    A short Cave Story mod about a cave and some ghosts. First ever mod! Decided to try out CS modding recently so this is kinda me experimenting with BL and CSE2. Download Screenshots Credits