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    We still here

    I myself have been having seriously long up and downs editing this game, it seems each year I stop hacking a few months or else it starts to be boring...
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    Erockbrox's Zelda3C Thread

    I for one can't wait to see to full potential of this game. I mean... Quest For Calatia is the reason I started hacking afterall. I simply couldn't wait for it to release that I eventually started hacking... Well anyway, on topic.. you never know but you still might learn a thing or two from...
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    Erockbrox's Zelda3C thread

    Those rooms were made at the very end, Euclid couldn't give them more details since he used objects to their limit already... he found a way to make it so that the dungeons would be edited on three roms and reinsert them later (for Parallel Worlds v2.0) but I lost interest in the project and...