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  1. MrLog

    Moonsong with Lyrics

    Wow, that's like really low though. being able to hit a low C 'comfortably' would be... a little surprising, bearing in mind that the lowest that a bass can sensibly go is an E. Either you have a really low voice, or either of us are on the wrong octave. Anyway, for the purposes of this, his...
  2. MrLog

    Moonsong with Lyrics

    As a guy that actually has had experience in music stuff a lot (though not lots with singing), I can say these things: -The lyrics are like actually good. -Your singing voice needs more practice and confidence, the pitches are wavering quite a lot. Physically, your voice sounds like it's...
  3. MrLog

    Music...In General

    Ooh, I'm surprised a thread like this hasn't come up before. or maybe I just didn't see it. But anyway, I love listening to Japanese things. Just kinda like, most stuff from Japan. It seems to have a distinctly different sound, that I prefer for some reason. Shizen no teki-P (Jin) was the...
  4. MrLog

    Should I Get A 3DS, 3Ds XL, a PS Vita, or an Nvidia Shield?

    I've got a 3DS myself, and I've never regretted having a small screen... I just found that it was a novelty when I played on a 3DS XL. But still, I guess some people would prefer it. I'd heard of the Nvidia shield before, and I actually thought it looked really really good, until I saw that...
  5. MrLog

    Artwork and Stuff

    Yeah, I though it was just the 'style' or something... I always thought it was a little weird, but I never considered it could be a scar.
  6. MrLog

    Artwork and Stuff

    Wait, is that thing in the middle of her face a scar?? I thought it was a nose... *feels uneducated*
  7. MrLog

    Artwork and Stuff

    If doors were to draw a nose on those sketches, it'd look messed up. Chibi manga very rarely has noses, and if it does, it's usually just a little dot or something. Noses would work if you did a more realistic style though. And also, cool pictures BLink, but the perspective in the last one...
  8. MrLog

    what is the glitchiest game you have played

    when I was playing Link to the Past on an emulator, it glitched out loads if you held two arrow keys (making you moonwalk) and went through a door in the right direction. Crazy stuff happened ._.
  9. MrLog

    anybody exited for super smash bros 4?

    But there are way too many mario reps as it is ._. There's Mario, Peach, Luigi, Bowser, almost definitely Wario as an unlockable character, and there's ones related to Mario like Yoshi and Donkey Kong ¬_¬ I think that's too many as it is, and that other series need to get more reps, such as...
  10. MrLog

    anybody exited for super smash bros 4?

    Zero suit samus was awesome :D the physicality of whether or not her attacks would do damage isn't really a problem, because... it's smash bros... I'm pretty sure the pikmin couldn't exactly damage ganondorf in a realistic situation. It's meant to be unrealistic. Also, there's only one metroid...
  11. MrLog

    anybody exited for super smash bros 4?

    I'm seriously excited, and based on what we saw at e3, the 3ds version looks like it might even be better than brawl, even with the limiting hardware capabilities. It's gonna be awesome x3
  12. MrLog

    E3 2014 Discussion

    The fight between Reggie and Iwata made my day. Oh, and the Zelda. And how awesome SSB 3DS looked. And Hyrule Warriors. And that was basically all that interested me. It was a good digital conference-ish thing ^_^
  13. MrLog

    Favorite Cereals

    I'm a guy that eats cereal waaay too much... I think I literally only ate cereal and cake yesterday, because I was at home on my own most of the day... xP In terms of my favourite cereal, I would say that ASDA's rip off of weetos, 'Choco Hoops', have always been my fave. Mostly because they're...
  14. MrLog

    Bless You, Rip

    Okay, I'm kinda late on the scene... But I've got one main suggestion that I haven't seen in this thread yet (not that I've looked through the whole thing...) The camera seems really really zoomed in, and I don't feel like I can really see what's around me enough. Sure, this is fine for the...
  15. MrLog

    Is cave story+ a dark game?

    I first played cave story at quite a young age (ish), and I don't think I understood most of it. It didn't really have that much of an impact on me, which I'm sure it would now if I were to be able to forget everything that happened and play it again. I actually really wish I could do that...
  16. MrLog

    Happy Birthday Pixel

    Pixel, you're awesome. Thank you so much for being a great inspiration to so many indie game developers and such. And happy birthday! (...even though he'll probably never read this...)
  17. MrLog

    Artwork and Stuff

    So I tried to draw Quote: (Warning, fairly large image)
  18. MrLog

    Beneath the Surface (Version 0.0.5)

    I wouldn't say that's entirely true actually. Although, it's not as if I'm really late playing this game, bearing I wouldn't even call this a demo yet. I need to play the game as it's being made to get a feel for the story, and kind of emotions I want to be portraying in my music. Sure, I could...
  19. MrLog

    Beneath the Surface (Version 0.0.5)

    oh, I finally get a chance to play it ^_^ Cool stuff: -physics feels a lot like Cave Story -love the particle effects -bullets look awesome (although slightly too un-retro, but maybe that's just me...) Improvements: -The jumping doesn't feel high enough - I should be able to reach a little...
  20. MrLog

    Tomodachi Life, the new Nintendo game...

    Okay, Nintendo have announced this new game coming out for 3DS. It's kinda different to basically everything they've ever done ever, and I've never seem anything quite like it myself (not that I play these kinda games much...) But yeah, here's a link to the youtube video. Be prepared...
  21. MrLog

    Gaming Letdowns

    You heartless and cruel excuse of a person. ^That was an exaggerated comment, before anyone decides to take it seriously (It's the internet, I need special precautions)
  22. MrLog

    Show off your org music...

    Okay, I did a... thing... The description of it's on the soundcloud page, so I won't bother wasting oxygen typing it all again. Criticism would be very much appreciated. Actually, is it me or is it way too quiet...? This is good in terms...
  23. MrLog


    I love this mod so much. So much of it is so great, like the save points and awesome camera moving thing. This is probably one of the first mods I've ever played that I actually want to finish...
  24. MrLog

    Video Game Weirdos

    That would be genuinely scary. I would probably never go on these forums again.
  25. MrLog

    Artwork and Stuff

    Here's a picture of some happiness I did the other day: And here's a pic that I did of a certain scene from UnderTale, which is a game that I completely adore right now: